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How To Decorate and Enjoy Every Corner of a Small Room

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How To Decorate Small Room?

How To Decorate and Enjoy Every Corner of a Small Room: Nowadays, it has become more and more common to design modern houses and apartments with small rooms. However, contrary to what most people think, lack of space does not need to be seen as a problem, after all, there are some decoration tricks that help to expand the environment and make it much more functional and practical for everyday life.

First of all, you should keep in mind that lighter and neutral tones such as white, off-white, and beige are much better options than darker ones as they provide a much larger sense of space than real ones. With the bright environment, you can add color to small details in the room, such as bed linen, decorative objects, pictures, rugs, pillows, curtains, among others.

Also, if the idea is not to occupy the entire room with just one bed, bet on a smaller size and take advantage of the space with functional furniture that is useful for the environment, such as a small nightstand, a bed with drawers, hanging shelves that take up no space and light fixtures on the ceiling.

Another key tip is to place as many mirrors as possible in the room, such as on closet doors, for example, as they give a feeling of depth and give the illusion that the room is a bigger size.

Below we list 100 different small rooms for you to be inspired and rock your home decor. Follow:

Small Double Room

Here you can see some photos of small double rooms, all with very nice decorations and different styles.

How To Decorate

1. A headboard that makes all the difference

The decoration of this small double room is simple, but extremely charming and delicate, as it has super nice details such as the wooden headboard between the side mirrors, considered the biggest highlight of the room, the colorful frame, the fur rug and the ottoman white at the foot of the bed, in addition to the nightstands with lampshade, which follow the clean style of the HD Wallpapers.

2. Young atmosphere with modern items

For those who like a very modern decor, this is an inspiration for a super beautiful and different double room, as it replaces the traditional nightstand beside the bed with a green barrel, has a lighted sign and assorted cartoons to decorate the wall and affixed to a neutral color for the headboard.

3. Predominance of B&W

With a very contemporary style, this double room predominates in black and white and is extremely cozy. For the wall, ceiling and cabinets, white was used. Black, on the other hand, is present in details such as the chandelier, bed linen and decorative items such as picture frames .

4. Clean and sophisticated environment

Is there a more elegant and sophisticated double room than this one? Although small, the room is super comfortable and perfect for a new and modern apartment, as it has recessed lighting, two nightstands, queen bed and a wardrobe in copper tones.

5. Graphite tones that ensure modernity in the room

How about this double room designed with concrete in graphite tones? The result is a cozy and modern environment that makes a great combination with different colors, such as the whites on the bed linen, which help to brighten up the bed. In addition, the charm is also due to the mirrors added on the side of the headboard and in the niches above the bed.

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6. Elegant elements that contrast perfectly

Simply wonderful, this small double room has elements such as leather and a bronze mirror, which harmoniously contrast with the nuances of beige present throughout the environment. The highlight here is the recessed lighting, the pendants above the nightstands and the personalized headboard.

7. Mirrors help to magnify the environment

With a simple and very elegant design, this project is in super good taste and bets on mirrors on the cabinet doors to bring more beauty and also a feeling of greater amplitude to the environment. The predominant color is beige, which is neutral and blends well with the white of the ceiling.

8. Room with soft colors

In this small and simple room, soft colors predominate, such as white on the nightstand, walls, window and bedding, as well as gray on the charming headboard and the support furniture with a type of wooden sheet, which It’s great for supporting decorative items such as flower vases and frames.

9. Ladies Room with Passionate Details

With a predominance of white, this is a perfect room for a single young woman, as it is super feminine and has incredible details, such as the desk made with a hollow drawer and glass top, which in addition to making everyday life easier. -day, makes the environment much more charming and organized, with everything and its place.

10. Small, cool and colorful

How about combining different colors to create a cool atmosphere in the bedroom? There are shades of blue, yellow, red, green, purple, pink, white and many others that are present both in bed linen and in decor items, such as paintings on the walls.

How To Decorate

11. Stylish Room

Ideal for a cool single who likes modern environments, this is a small room full of style, in which different shades of brown predominate (present on the bed, carpet and wall) and also has colorful comics that make all the difference in the decoration.

12. Lighting as a highlight of the environment

This beautiful small room for young singles is full of charm and features items that make all the difference in the decoration of the room. One of them is the lighting, which was made with LED tape under the bed and guarantees a super cool effect. The aqua green chair in a different model helps to bring even more beauty to the room.

13. Girls’ bedroom with shades of pink

Young girl’s bedroom in different shades of pink, fendi and a mix of tailoring prints. The low bedside table next to the bed is simple and off white, a neutral color that matches the curtain, floor and larger furniture.

14. Super charming geometric details

For a modern, young and sophisticated room, nothing better than this inspiration that bets on geometric details and neutral colors, such as black, wood and off white. In addition, two of the main highlights of the project are the cabinet with glass doors and the shelves with decorative items HD Wallpapers.

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