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The number one goal of this course is to make sure that you are not wasting any more time copy-pasting code into your code editor.

At first, fathom about what is react native? Well, in a very nutshell react-native allows us to use the react library to create native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. So, it’s a really good option for developers that want to create some kind of mobile app. It will be very useful for those who are already comfortable with react.

Now, know about what is redux? Well, redux could be a state management library for JavaScript applications. You will be able to use it with react angular view or even vanilla JavaScript. Because redux is just a state management library. It doesn’t care what library you use to build user interfaces. Read on to know more about the complete react native and redux course.


Welcome to complete react-native boot camp build more than eighteen Android and iOS app in this course. React Native is amazing. With a single code base, you can produce Android and iOS apps. And you can see their potential. businesses do love react native because with the half amount of code you can work on Android and iOS apps.

Well, if you recognize JavaScript, can use your JavaScript skills to create real native apps for Android and iOS. These apps are truly native so that they do not seem to be web apps that appear as if a mobile app. So, with react js training native you do not need to know Android or iOS programming unless you want to build a complex app and you need to talk directly with the native API of this platform.

For the foremost part, you do not need to do that. So, you can writhe pretty much all of your application code in JavaScript and share it across iOS and Android. That’s why these days a lot of companies prefer to build their apps using react native. Because they do not need to hire two separate teams of developers maintaining two different codebases. One for iOS written swift or objective-c and the other for Android, Java, or Cartland.


There are many reasons to decide on react for app development. These are the following:

  • Easy creation of dynamic web application
  • Performance enhancement
  • Reusable components
  • Unidirectional data flow
  • Small learning curve
  • Are often used for mobile apps
  • Dedicated tools for easy debugging


  1. JSX – JavaScript Syntax Extension, JSX is a combination of JavaScript and HTML, by using JSX you can writhe HTML structures in the same file that contains JavaScript code.
  2. Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) – DOM treats an XML and HTML document as a tree structure in which each node is an object representing a part of the document.
  3. Performance.
  4. One way data binding – react’s one-way data binding keeps everything modular and fast.
  5. Extensions – supports mobile app development, extended with flux and redux
  6. Debugging – react applications are extremely easy to taste due to a large developer community.


Redux is a tremendous library in the JavaScript world. Very talked-out within the domain of reacting and react native. It’s quite a compulsory go-to thing for each react and react native developer. Understanding the concept of react and redux is quite a go hand-in-hand.

Well, why we want redux? If you have ever built an application with a complex UI, you have probably come across this situation where you need to keep different parts of the UI sync. Let’s say the user changes some data in one part of the UI. And another part of the UI should be immediately updated to reflect the changes. In additional complex scenarios, the info also can get updated as a result of network requests or background tasks.

In this situation as data can flow from one part of the UI to another and change in unpredictable ways. We have got to put in writing lots of code to stay everything in sync. When something goes wrong figuring out how the data changed and where it came from becomes complex. You may even find yourself with an infinite loop that’s hard to interrupt. If you encountered such problems in your applications that’s an indication of you would like a state management library.


In today’s modern world react native is an amazing skill. You can launch your Android apps and iOS app with a single codebase. This is truly an amazing power and skill that you can have. React developers earn more cash when put next to other web development technologies.

According to the pay scale, the average salary for a react developer across the United States is a whopping ninety-one thousand USD dollars per year.

The average salary for a react developer in India is RS 725K.

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