5 Ways Crypto Has Taken Over the World


Literally speaking, we are stuck at a crossroads. There is a whole body that believes crypto should turn into a global economic force. Meanwhile, a substantial lot doesn’t wish to move from the conventional financial structure.

On a technical note, anything can qualify as money as long as the buyer and sender agree. This is the basic rule of the barter system. People used to get rice in exchange for sugar. Communities would exchange salt for sugar to sustain a viable living.

It was later when they realized that not everything could grow in equal quantity. And some goods are more valuable than others. This was when the paper currency emerged and settled as an essential economic domain.

We have gradually transferred into an age where people debate the pros and cons of paper currency. Their primary concern is the centralization of fiat currency that gives the government and banks power over the public’s hard-earned money. Cryptocurrency emerged as a second option and soon turned into the best one for many people. People started believing that if more people started buying these coins, their value would increase, becoming an alternative to paper currency.

The Future of Cryptos

A few expert economic entities anticipate a substantial change in crypto as international money enters the market. There is a likelihood that crypto will float on Nasdaq. This will add more credibility to the Blockchain and its uses as it could be an alternative to conventional currencies.

Some people predict that crypto requires a verified exchange trading fund (ETF). This ETF will make it easier for people to invest in Bitcoin. However, high demand is necessary for individuals to invest in crypto. It will not generate automatically with funds.

For most users, the beauty of cryptocurrency will remain unknown. Until there is a widespread acceptance of this currency, most of us might not learn its efficacy.

Following are some of the ways that cryptos seem to win hearts and take over the world:

Low Transaction Costs

Blockchain and cryptocurrency do not require a block-and-mortar business to exist. The costs associated with these transactions are relatively low. There is no need to pay employee wages, rents, or utility bills. Hence, the savings morph into low transaction costs.

This has encouraged more people to trust them as financial tools. The growing transactions have allowed the global economy to get more intertwined.

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A Notable Rise in Economies

Cryptos offer an easy-to-use, digital replacement to the traditional fiat currency system. Consumers from the European Union and the United States might take it as a novelty.

Nonetheless, there are many countries with mismanaged domestic currencies. For instance, the Venenzulian authoritarian regime has become famous for its pressing inflation. This has created plummeting living conditions for millions of people who don’t have access to external currencies.

Other countries have strict capital controls. Cryptos can help to circumvent these controls, which has led to increased demand from consumers and businesses.

The rate at which digital currencies are growing is earth-shattering. This is evident because early adopters became rich overnight and found plenty of opportunities to grow. John Radcliff, a video game developer near Pikes Peak in Colorado, invested $15,000 in 150 bitcoin at $100 in 2013. He is now overseeing the construction of a $1.4 million dream house with a mountain view. Plus, he is waiting for his new $250,000 Tesla Roadster to enter the production line.

Cryptocurrency can aid companies and individuals in compelling ways. This is one of the reasons the economy is slowly shifting to adapt and reap the rewards offered by cryptocurrencies.

Crowdfunding and Donation to Charities

Donating to a worthy cause is always a good idea. However, staying assured that your donations are not going to a malicious party is essential. Crypto-based charities are creating trust through smart contracts and online reputation systems. These allow the donors to see where the donation is going through a transparent and secure ledger.

Take the example of the United Nations’ World Food Programme. It implements Blockchain technology to enable the refugees to buy food by deploying Iris scans instead of credit cards, cash, or vouchers.

More Power to Entrepreneurs

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can help entrepreneurs to receive payments in more currencies. For instance, BitPesa is a company that allows business owners in Africa to make financial transactions with American, European, and Asian companies.

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The use of digital wallets like BitPesa and TenX has enabled entrepreneurs to convert altcoins into fiat currencies quickly. This helps small and medium-sized companies all over the globe to get better financial coverage. They can get a liberated financial connection with the rest of the world.

Right now, the world is facing a growing need to move beyond borders. They are looking for complete social and financial inclusion.

Rentals and Auto Purchase

Uber and Airbnb appear to be decentralized networks. But the platform is in total control of the network and charges a fee for its service. Cryptocurrency, powered by Blockchain, can allow car owners to auto-pay for tolls, fuel, and car parking.

At the same time, we should acknowledge how cryptocurrency is changing the automotive world. Did you know that you can buy cars with cryptocurrency?

Several platforms allow people to purchase used or new cars from miles apart. Instead of visiting a dealership and indulging in prolonged negotiation sessions, buying cars with cryptocurrency is much easier. The ease provided by cryptocurrency has encouraged wheel freaks to leap on this mode.

Parting Thoughts

It seems like in no time, cryptocurrency will find a way into our lives. It will shape our lifestyle for better economic growth. However, its relative complexity compared to conventional currency will deter most people, except those apt at technology. One must have enough knowledge and caliber to follow the stream of such changes.

We hope you got the inspiration you needed to learn about cryptocurrency. If you have any queries, feel free to ask!

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