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Ultimate Guide: Deep Cleaning Your New Home Before Moving In

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Moving into a new home is an exciting event and gives you a fresh start, whether it is owned or rented. Before you are moving into a new home, it’s the right decision to get your home ready with a deep clean. Make sure you list out detailed notes before cleaning the house. This ensures that you don’t miss out on anything after arranging the items. If needed, you can consider hiring a deep cleaning service in Washington, DC to ensure the home is free from viruses and bacteria.

Deep cleaning is a time-consuming job, but with a proper planning at the right time, you can make your home germ-free before moving. Here are some helpful cleaning tips to help you get settled in your new space.

Step-by-Step Process for Cleaning the House

If your home has a previous occupants, make sure to do these things as you deep clean. You can hire the professional Movers and Packers Navi Mumbai to complete all your relocation and deep cleaning needs.

  • Clean the Bathroom: 

Cleaning the bathroom first is a great idea as you may tend to use the bathroom in the middle while cleaning the house. First start cleaning the bathroom with a sponge and soapy water. Light fixtures and bathroom ceiling is the place most of them forgot to clean, so get rid of dust and disinfect the bathroom with antibacterial spray. 

  • Clean the Ceiling: 

Clean the fans, overhead lighting fixtures, shelving, and other features close to the roof, as they are exposed to get grimy. While cleaning the fan, the dust tends to fall down and mess up the place. So, it is better to use an old pillow cover over each blade and wipe away the dust. This way, the dust will be collected inside the pillow cover and you can clean it later. Also, don’t forget to clean the light lamps and fixtures if any.

  • Clean the Kitchen:

Kitchen is one of the crucial places to be cleaned as it gets dirty very soon. First, remove the glasses and shelves of the refrigerator and clean them with a mild soap and sponge. Make use of vinegar or baking soda to absorb the odor. Next, clean up the oven, appliances, dishwasher, and stovetop. If the strains are hard to remove, make use of baking soda to remove the dirt.

  • Clean Walls and Painted Surfaces:

Walls in the rented home suffer a lot of abuse-more wear and tear than an owner’s house. So, clean the walls with a simple mixture of dish soap and water for pencil markings. To get the ink off of walls, use alcohol-based solvent, detergent, lemon juice, and ammonia. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt off the carpeted floor. 

  • Clean the Floors:

Clean the carpets with warm water and mild soap to remove germs and strains. Use a vacuum attachment to clean edges and corners for tile, wood, and linoleum floors. Finish it by mopping, make sure to use safe products suitable for the surface. 

Before stepping into a new home, it is best to take the assistance of packers and movers in Thane to relocate your household goods safely and securely. 

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