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Gear cube as its name suggests is completely operated on its gear. 

Confusing, right? Let me explain.

A gear cube is quite different from a Rubik’s cube. 

To give you an idea of what a gear cube is, here is a brief explanation of it. If you already are well aware of a gear cube’s mechanism, then you can directly jump over its solution, and have fun with your awesome gear cube. 

A gear cube was previously known as a caution cube. It was invented by Oskar Van Deventer, he was inspired by the idea of Bram Cohen and thus came up with a gear cube. With the immense popularity that a gear cube received in a short span of time, it started getting mass-produced by Meffert’s. 

Initially, the reason behind putting its name as a caution cube, is that while speedcubing the cube, fingers sometimes used to get stuck in its gear, and hence the caution cube.

A gear cube looks very different from all the cubes present in the market. You can easily see the mechanism of a gear cube on its exterior. Moreover, it requires six turns of one-eighty degrees to make one complete rotation. 

The mechanics of the gear cube is such that it has six centerpieces that remain stationary. The gear cube has a different color unlike a ghost cube, and its mechanics is very much similar to that of a Rubik’s cube in terms of its solution. 

Surprisingly, despite its formidable appearance, solving a gear cube is a cakewalk. 

It is excitingly easier to solve than a Rubik’s cube, as suggested by people. 

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So now, That We Have Understood the Idea of a Gear Cube, let’s Get Into Its Solution. 

  • Understand the parts of the gear cube and make yourself comfortable around it. Getting easy and handy with a gear cube is the most important step to solve it. In fact, this applies to almost every twisty puzzle out there, whether it be an axis cube, a ghost cube, or any such other. Getting yourself comfortable with the components of a cube and understanding its parts is an imperative step in its solution.
  • Now that you have gotten comfortable around a gear cube, it’s time to get started on solving its orientation. The second step to solving a gear cube would be to solve its corners. As the centers are primarily fixed, thus, in a gear cube its corners are what changes the whole orientation of it. To solve the corners, get any two similar color corners that are supposed to be next to each other. You can use similar algorithms as used during the solution of a Rubik’s cube. Try to solve the whole corner riddle of a gear cube using vivid algorithms.
  • Now that the corners seem a bit-oriented and aligned, it’s time to solve the edges of the cube. Figure out the edges and try to bring the same color across the edges. Use the swapping method, and the various algorithms, and try to attain similar colors on the edges. Green with green, blue with blue, and so on. With these two steps, consider half the work to be done.
  • You could see that swapping the edges has put the picture of the solution clearer. Now all that is left is to orient the edges and turn the figure into a proportionate and well-aligned cubic structure. 
  • Now that you have adjusted the corners, aligned the edges, and oriented the whole cube, you could finally admire the beauty of the perfectly formed cube at the end of the four steps. And, thus the fifth step would be to scrabble the whole thing, and do it again but with a method constructed of your own. After all, it is rightly said, that learning should never stop.

Solving a gear cube is comparatively easier than solving any other cubes in the market. Yet, the fun of it, and the thrill of solving a cube that looks impossible to solve are not only rewarding but also adventurous. 

Gear cube is a really cool handy game that you can take up with you during your travels, school trips, or even mundane family gatherings. They do not just help you increase your brain activity, but also make you feel cool and look cool amongst people. 

Just imagine, how cool it is to solve a gear cube standing amongst people who cannot even figure out its first edge?

In fact, wouldn’t it be cool if your gear cube would be of premium quality? Well! Worry not, we got you covered in that aspect as well. 

So, get started with your gear cube and solve it in class with the help of this amazing method. 

Happy Cubing!!

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