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Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their coffee. Some like it light, some strong, some like adding milk and other flavours, while some just love the raw, bitter taste of coffee. Since the invention of coffee, it has evolved, and now we have several varieties of coffee to choose from.

You have different varieties of coffee beans, different levels of roasting, different brewing methods, and different types of coffee powder. Whatever your preferred type of coffee is, you can have it immediately.

Types of Coffee Beans:

If you are a coffee lover, then you might be on the search for the best type of coffee beans to try. There are four popular types of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica. 

Arabica and Robusta are the most consumed types of coffee beans around the world. While all these coffee beans might look the same, they have their own characteristics that influence the flavour, colour and texture of the coffee.

  • Arabica: Arabica is the most popular type of coffee bean worldwide, accounting for about 60% of global coffee production. They originated in the South Western highlands of Ethiopia. They have a sweet taste with light sugar, berries and fruit flavour. 
  • Robusta: Robusta is the second most popular coffee type in the world, accounting for the remaining 40% of global coffee production. They originated in Central and Western Sub-Saharan Africa. They have an earthy, bitter, grain-like flavour with a peanut or sesame aftertaste. 
  • Liberica: Liberica coffee bean is comparatively rare in terms of commercial production, accounting for less than 2% of global coffee production. Unlike Arabica and Robusta beans, which grow in shrubs, Liberica grow in tall trees. They have less caffeine than Arabica and Robusta. 
  • Excelsa: Considered a different type of coffee bean until 2006, they are now classified as a subtype of Liberica coffee. Like Liberica, they also grow on tall trees. They have a tart flavour with a sweet and fruity taste. 

Types of Coffee Roasts:

The type of coffee roast is basically determined by how long the coffee beans are roasted. Each level or intensity of the roast will bring out different characteristics of the coffee beans, like flavour, colour, etc., which will be suitable for different brewing methods. 

  • Light coffee roast: Usually light brown or golden in colour, they are allowed to reach an internal temperature of 180°C to 205°C (356°F to 401°F). They are taken out after the ‘first crack’. Light coffee roasts have the most caffeine and the most acidity. It has an acidic taste with a citrusy or lemony tone, and the bean’s original flavour is maintained.  
  • Medium coffee roast: A little darker than light coffee roasts, they reach an internal temperature of 210°C to 220°C (410°F to 428°F). They reach the end of the first crack and are taken out just before the second crack. It has a balanced sweet and acidic flavour. This is the most popular type of coffee roast, mainly due to its balanced flavours.  
  • Medium-dark coffee roast: This type of roast is allowed to reach an internal temperature of 225°C to 230°C (437°F to 446°F). They are taken out just after the second crack. This is the stage where the coffee beans start to show the oils on their surface. These roasts have a richer flavour with less acidity and less caffeine. 
  • Dark coffee roast: This type of coffee roast is allowed to reach an internal temperature of 240°C to 250°C (464°F to 482°F). They are dark brown in colour, sometimes black. They are roasted until the sugar in the beans starts caramelising, which results in the coffee having a sweet flavour. They have the least amount of caffeine and acidity of all types of roasts. 

Popular Coffee Brewing Methods:

Just like the coffee bean type and the roasting type, the type of brewing also plays an important role in the flavour of a coffee. There are several methods to brew coffee, like pressure, filtration, decoction, and immersion. The most common methods of brewing are done using drip coffee machines, espresso machines, pour-over brewers, and French presses.

  • Drip coffee: An automatic drip machine is used to make drip coffee. It is an easy method to brew coffee and doesn’t require much effort. The coffee is made using the filtration method, in which boiling hot water is slowly poured over ground coffee held in a filter basket. 
  • Pour-over coffee: You can use manual pour-over coffee makers to make pour-over coffee. It is also made through the filtration method, but unlike drip coffee, you must do the entire process manually. This gives you the liberty to have your coffee according to your preferences. 
  • Espresso: Espressos are brewed using espresso machines.  It is a brewing method where extremely hot water is forced through pressed finely-ground coffee. The extraction time is approximately 20 to 25 seconds, based on the coffee grounds. They have a strong, concentrated taste. 
  • Cold brew: As the name suggests, you use cold water for this brewing method instead of hot water. It is made through immersion brewing method, where coffee grounds are immersed in cold water for 18 to 24 hours. It is usually done using a mason jar and not a coffee maker. The coffee has a smooth consistency, sweet taste, and low acidity.

Popular Types of Coffee Drinks:

Brewed coffee can be made into different types of coffee drinks. You can add ingredients like milk, sugar, or other flavours to your preference. There are many types of coffee drinks. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of coffee drinks that people like to drink. 

  • Black coffee: Black coffee is a coffee beverage made by soaking roasted coffee beans in hot water. The coffee grounds start releasing their colour, flavour and caffeine after being soaked for some time. Since it is just pure coffee without any added ingredients, it is generally dark brown or black in colour, hence the name black coffee. 
  • Espresso: As we have seen above, espresso is a type of coffee brewing method. But if you like to have pure-bitter coffee, then you can also have it as a drink. It is often served in small shots and is the base for many types of coffee drinks. The coffee is strong, thick and has high caffeine content.
  • Latte: Caffe latte, or latte, is a type of coffee drink made using espresso as a base. It has one part espresso and two parts steamed milk with a thin layer of foam on top. Lattes are popularly served with latte art or decorations. There are several variations of latte. One of the most popular is the Iced Latte, which is made using chilled espresso and milk. 
  • Cappuccino: Cappuccino is also made using espresso as a base. It consists of one part espresso, one part milk and one part foam. You can top it off with cinnamon powder or chocolate powder. The drink is less in quantity because one-third of it is a thick layer of foam. 
  • Americano: Americano also uses espresso as a base, but instead of milk, you add hot water here. You can either have it as equal parts espresso and hot water or one part espresso and two parts hot water, based on your preference. Americano retains the aroma and taste of espresso but is a bit milder than espresso.
  • Mocha: Also called caffe mocha or mocha latte, mocha is almost the same as a latte, except it has chocolate syrup added to it. The combination of espresso, which has a bitter taste, and chocolate which has a sweet taste, gives the beverage a nutty, sweet and chocolatey flavour. 
  • Macchiato: Also called espresso macchiato or caffe macchiato, it is a drink that has espresso topped with a small amount of milk. The name macchiato means marked or stained. Here, it means that the pure, dark espresso is marked milk. It is suitable for people who think espresso is too strong and a cappuccino is too mild for their taste. 
  • Flat white: Flat white coffee has become well-known in recent years. It consists of micro-foamed steamed milk that is added with a shot of espresso. The microfoam is made of tiny air bubbles which are created when steaming milk with air. These bubbles give a velvety smooth texture to the coffee. 

A Quality Coffee Powder for a Refreshing Coffee Experience:

The best coffee can only be achieved if the coffee beans you use are of the highest quality. It is best to have freshly ground coffee powder for your drinks. But if you don’t have them, you can also buy high-quality coffee powders manufactured by renowned coffee brands. 

Levista is a well-known coffee brand with over 60 years of experience in the coffee industry. Our coffee powder is made from finely picked Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are then expertly roasted. We aim to produce a high-quality coffee powder that gives you the best coffee experience. 

we offer our customers three choices of strong, premium, and classic pure levista instant coffee. You can choose the type of coffee powder that suits your taste. For further details regarding our brand and history.


Understanding the types of coffee beans, roasting methods, brewing methods, and types of coffee drinks is essential to making the best coffee. Now that you have a clear idea about all these types, choose the type you prefer and brew your favourite coffee.

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