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What is a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy and What are Its Benefits?


Let’s Discuss About Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:  Owning a car can be a risky business, not merely when you are driving but also when you are off the road. While we know that driving can be dangerous, your car can be involved in other mishaps.

For instance, other than a road accident, your car could get damaged not only due to natural calamities and inclement weather changes such as floods and storms but also due to man-made disasters and civil commotions such as theft and vandalism.

Is there a way in which you can protect your car against such adverse circumstances?

Yes! You certainly can!

Comprehensive car insurance can protect your car against all these unfavorable situations and keep you stress-free.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

A comprehensive car insurance policy is the highest degree of protection that you can provide to your vehicle. It not only covers your vehicle but also compensates for the liability you have towards others. So, it covers you for damages caused due to your own fault or the third party’s error. In sum, it encompasses and covers for risks involved to all parties in case of an accident.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance

1. It is Extensive

Comprehensive car insurance provides you with the greatest protection for your car and its benefits are wide-ranging.

Unlike third-party liability insurance, which ensures only the other party to whom you might have caused damage, comprehensive car insurance also protects you and your car against risks and damages.

2. It Can Be Customized by Adding Features

A comprehensive car insurance policy can be customized for your needs and made more robust by adding a variety of add-on features provided by the insurer. Such add-on features greatly expand the scope of coverage of your insurance policy. This facility of customizing your insurance, however, is not available in a third-party liability insurance policy.

For instance, add-ons such as off-road cover, loss of personal belongings in the vehicle, emergency roadside assistance, battery boosting service, and passenger cover can be augmented to traditional comprehensive car insurance to tailor it to your requirements.

3. It Provides Cover for Legal Liabilities Due to Accidents

When you are involved in an accident and you are at fault, you might encounter many legal expenses. Moreover, when injuries, property damages, or fatalities occur as a result of the accident, the legal expenses could be steep, straining your finances.

A comprehensive car insurance policy, however, compensates you for any legal expenses, lawsuits, and legal fees that might arise as a result of an accident.

4. It Compensates for Harm Caused Due to Off-road Accidents

One of the major advantages of a comprehensive car insurance policy is that it pays for any accidents caused when you are off the road. It also covers many circumstances that could be out of your control.

For instance, it covers for damages caused to your vehicle due to either natural or manmade disasters. So, apart from compensating for floods and hurricanes, it also covers for riots, theft, vandalism, and fires. This insurance also reimburses damages caused due to instances such as a collision with an animal or a tree falling on your car.

5. It Pays for Emergency Medical Expenses

In the event of a road accident, comprehensive car insurance provides coverage for any emergency medical expenses that you might incur. Many insurers also cover medical expenses for passengers involved in the accident in the insured car.

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6. It Pays if Your Car is Stolen

If your car is stolen and cannot be recovered, many comprehensive car insurance policies pay to replace your car.

It provides peace of mind

In the event of an unfortunate incident that impacts your vehicle, you need not worry about arranging for finances if you have comprehensive car insurance. Hence, this insurance policy gives you much-needed peace of mind, keeps you stress-free, and provides financial protection so that you can enjoy driving your car happily and in a relaxed manner.

While there is no doubt that comprehensive car insurance provides the ultimate protection for your car, you must ensure that you read the policy documents carefully to avoid any nasty surprises in the small print. Another focus point should be to check whether the claims process is quick and easy: you want to pick an insurer that will make things easy for you when you need help.

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