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What is Life Like Living and Working in Slovenia?

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Living and Working in Slovenia

Living and working in Slovenia can be exciting as well as fun at times. Although it is a small country it the safest country to live in. Besides this country is rich in greenery and natural beauty. You can easily find a suitable place to live in Slovenia as this country has everything.

Slovenia has mountains, lakes, rivers, caves, seas, which make this country the best choice to live in. As it offers plenty of choices to select a beautiful place, so you can find the very best of the best here to live a peaceful life. The best part is the places and cities in Slovenia are clean and free from pollution. So, you can live a healthy life here.

It is one of the cheapest, clean and safe countries to live and work. But usually, people think that being small and a cheap country you cannot grow a business here in Slovenia. This is considered one of the biggest misconceptions about Slovenia. Choosing this country for work and business will be your best decision as it offers a great opportunity to work as well as grow in Slovenia.

Listed below are few important factors about living and working in Slovenia. It will give you a better idea about the life of people in this country.

  • Health Care System in Slovenia

Health care is one of the major factors that usually people are looking for when it comes to move to another country. Especially if it is a smaller country but if you are planning to move to Slovenia then you do not have to worry about this issue. Living in Slovenia you have the opportunity to avail health care.

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The healthcare system is good in Slovenia and it is available for all the citizens. Healthcare is nationalized in Slovenia to all the citizens and workers. If you are moving to Slovenia from another country for business purposes, then after registering your business you can avail of this service as well.

However, for some treatments, the healthcare workers do charge extra out of pocket for that specific treatment. Other than that, after showing the healthcare card you can undergo treatment.

  • Education System in Slovenia

Slovenia also comes up with a good education system and basic education is mandatory for every citizen. Education is primarily divided into three categories, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. If you move to Slovenia from any other country you have the opportunity to get a basic education free of costs so that’s another major reason to visit Slovenia.

However, the education fee is dependent on the level of studies. Primary education is provided by the public as well as the private sector. It includes basic school education, music education special education for special children. On the other hand, secondary education is provided by upper secondary schools.

Whereas the third education system that is tertiary education is provided by both the public and private sector. It is costly and consists of higher education from professionals.

  • Work and Business Opportunity

If you want to expand your business or start a new one then taking a start from Slovenia can be a great opportunity. Being a small country yet it has more to offer to the world. You can easily grow your business in Slovenia especially if you are a foreigner there are a wide variety of opportunities to grow and expand your business.

Slovenia is a smaller country in Europe but in recent years it has gained huge popularity for business development. So, if you want to start a new business then Slovenia can be a great opportunity for you to grow your business.

Best Things about Living in Slovenia

Few other things about Slovenia that make it best to live and work in this country are listed below. Slovenia is a country that has a great history and it is rich in culture. It is surrounded by greenery and nature, which makes this country clean.

Thus, if you have planned to move and working in Slovenia it will be a great idea. As this place is so peaceful and safe, so few best things about it are:

  • Slovenia has a Rich Culture
  • Slovenia is Surrounded by Nature
  • It is the Clean and Safe Country


Life in Slovenia is amazing as the people of Slovenia are so friendly as well as the lifestyle is amazing. If you wonder how it will feel like moving to this country and what business opportunities you have here, then stop further thinking. Life in Slovenia is beautiful, calm, and peaceful.

As well as according to work and business point of view, you see a great opportunity. A new business can easily grow in Slovenia because it is one of the smaller countries in Europe. Still, your business can grow rapidly.

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