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15 Types of Women’s Shirts for Upcoming Fashion

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Fashion is how you carry yourself with confidence. According to the legendary fashion designers, it’s not how relevant or appropriately you wear an outfit to any event; it’s more like representing yourself with utmost grace and style. Most people confuse fashion with convenience. 

Whereas, it’s more about experimentation. Fashion shows are filled with artistic designs and styles. It’s true! Not every dress is feasible to wear, but it shows you have an abundant amount of ideas to dress up with the same set of outfits you have in your closet. Most women buy dresses, T-shirts and tops for summer while they can sport their shirts to almost every place with a little sense of styling. 

Shirts suit women of every age and look incredible on women of every size and body type. 

Let’s discuss the 15 most popular shirt ideas to upgrade your wardrobe this summer.

  • Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt: 

Oversized shirts are doing rounds all over the fashion houses and the famous streets of New York. You will spot your favourite celebrity wearing these superbly comfy shirts this summer. Try wearing these oversized shirts with trousers if you are short. You can pair these shirts with shorts and sneakers. These will protect you from sun rays too. You can borrow your brother or boyfriend’s shirt in case you are not sure about this trend anyway.

  • Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt:

Short sleeves shirts are another staple for the summer. Every woman needs to have one of these super stylish shirts. You can wear these for your business meetings with a pencil skirt or keep it simple with any mid waist blue denim. It is going to look fabulous either way. Accessorize with a watch or bracelet and always carry a handbag complementing your entire dressing theme.

  • Flannel Button-Down Shirt:

Flannel shirts are up for the pick this year again. It’s necessary to own one such shirt. The woven fabric with napping makes this shirt stand out in front of other shirts. Earlier, these shirts belonged to men largely, but now these shirts are getting appreciated by the females also. Always go for small checkered patterns if you are big. You can wear these shirts with your formal pants or skirts. Layer them up with coats during winter. They are ideal for keeping you warm on cold days.

  • Solid Portofino Shirt:

These classic solid collared shirts are a real deal for the days you want to look presentable. Portofino shirts will surely do the justice to what you are looking for. The solid colours make these shirts look sophisticated. Choose the fabric that is breathable and keeps you going all day. You can pair these shirts with all types of bottoms. Once you start wearing Portofino shirts, you’ll get obsessed with their comfort and classic designs.

  • Ruffle Neck Portofino Shirt:

Ruffle neck shirts make you look lovely, cute and feminine. The relaxed fit shirts with prints look amazing with wide-legged pants, trousers and miniskirts. You can wear these shirts underneath your blazers for a formal business deal too. Never forget to accessorize your ruffle neck shirt with a y link chain or a teardrop pendant. Keep your handbag handy to rock this version of the Portofino shirt.

  • Contrast Tipped Shirt:

The contrast tipped shirts are much in trend for the last few years. They hold a special place in the closet for business trips or formal presentation days. You can wear these shirts with your jeans and skirts for regular outings. The comfort depends mostly on the fabric however, the style of these shirts fits every occasion.

  • Draped Shirt:

Grab the eyeballs with the chic drape shirts. This hot style is apt for your first day at your office. You can use your drape short dress if you are running out of a new shirt style. Just tuck it in with your favourite pair of jeans, make a loose bun or keep your hair open. You are ready to slay it girl. Do not forget to accessorize your look.

  • Knit to Fit Roll-Tab Sleeve Shirt:

Roll tab sleeve shirts add swag to your appearance. Collared shirts in solid colours, prints or patterns look completely smart with formal pants or casual jeans. You can keep the look simple with minimal or no accessories. Wear your hoop earrings and use a belt if you are planning to keep your shirt tucked in the jeans.

  • Flowy Printed Shirt:

Flowy shirts look beautiful with prints and flowers. These shirts are ideal for pear-shaped body types. You can wear these shirts with pair of denim or your regular shorts, it’s totally up to your personal preferences. Choose the georgette of rayon fabric for summers. Pastels and off white look soothing during summers.

  • Long-Sleeve Twill Shirt:

Long sleeve twill shirts are one of the best shirts to upgrade your wardrobe. These trends are always in trend for their quality of fabric and easy ironing. These shirts give a professional look. You can always create a positive impression with your clothes. Thus, twill shirts are a must for your next office event or interviews. 

  • Crown Woven Collection Striped Shirt:

Striped shirts are the best to create an illusion of your body. There are a lot of experiments done with stripes now. You can choose the one that suits your comfort and style. Go for vertical ones if you are ultra-slim and want to look a bit healthy. Short people should choose the vertical stripes for that matter. Stripes look spectacular with formal suits.

  • Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt:

Plaid shirts are the best when you can’t decide what to wear. When looking for variety always invest in plaid shirts. Choose straight fit or regular fit shirts if you are healthy. You can roll the sleeves for a casual look or keep them alined while opting for a formal look.

  • Short-Sleeve Pocket:

Short sleeve pocket single pocket shirts are best suited for your next vacation. These shirts look smart and sexy. The casual fit of the shirt makes it apt for a relaxed mood. Style it with bohemian bags, sandals, choker, and stacked bracelets.  

  • Printed Breathable Shirt:

When in doubt pick a shirt with prints. Choose the fabric that keeps you cool during hot spicy weather outside. You can go for long shirt dresses or short shirts. Pair your print shirts with shorts. You can style them by making a knot in the front or letting them flow as per the design. The dark colours look hot. Avoid big prints with flashy colours.

  • All Over Print Lantern Sleeve Shirt:

The lantern sleeve shirts are for the girls with complete fitness. Oversized girls must avoid these shirts as they make you look big. These shirts look sassy with shorts, a side bag and flat sandals. Keep your eyeglasses handy. Chin up and the diva in you is ready to own the world.

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