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9 Tips to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

Real Estate

Predicting any type of business and its outcomes are near impossible with trends changing every now and then across the globe. Dubai has been the top-ranking business hub over the last few decades, where economic growth had a drastic surge. Especially, the real estate industry of Dubai has been especially flourishing due to several reasons. Over thousands of ex-pat families are seen moving into the state, which automatically shoots up the demand for new properties. The government ensures to keep Dubai’s housing inventory stocked up, to meet the ongoing request for residences, and builds over 8000 units every year. Whether rental homes or the properties for sale in Dubai, people have always shown their interest in keeping the market buzzing throughout the year. Most estate agents and local agencies are on the hunt for a renewed list of buyer leads when they work with sellers. Before their existing methods go exhausted, they can accomplish their goals with the following tips:


Having contacts across the neighbourhoods is a necessary element for succeeding in the real estate business. Word of mouth spreads faster than any other method and using this technique in this business would help gain more leads. Expanding the current network of people by spreading the business details through colleagues, families and friends is one way. Taking this method up a notch, one can use professional business cards that can be given to people the agents meet and simultaneously get referrals.


Beyond the digital methods, some traditional techniques always strike the right chord. People in Dubai are always curious to find new homes and visit them in person. A free walkthrough of potential buyers within the property will turn them into leads when they submit their details. With this information, real estate agents in Dubai can contact them later on, and build a cordial relationship. Open houses or staging can be used to interact and have a successful engagement with them. 


Websites are a mainstream source of building a list of leads in no time, only if done in the right way. With everybody stuck to their electronic gadgets throughout the day, this marketing method comes of great use. Optimizing the website according to the search engine and the type of audience visiting the site is crucial to getting the website rank on top. Estate agents in Dubai and the neighbouring places can create their own site and apply SEO.


Thinking outside the box is required, even for a dry niche like the real estate business. Coming up with extraordinary ideas and marketing strategies is very necessary to up the game. Dubai is home to exciting events throughout the year. Estate agents with a bigger budget for marketing can sponsor or host these events and garner enough attention from thousands of people in a blink. Following cold calling, posters on bulletin boards can also be done regularly.


Every business has its own set of competitors who follow the same strategies and methods. At times, they might come up with better ways of approaching and closing deals. Observing what and how they thrive in the real estate market will give some insights. Instead of copying the exact methods, one can try understanding the strategy behind the technique and try to implement the method instead. This way estate agents can stay one step ahead of their competitors.


People being glued to their phones are usually seen swiping their social media profiles. Identifying the right target group and finding where they spend more time will help agents remain active on that medium. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest boards are the top-performing apps, where the ideal target group spends more time. Creating free and paid ads, and generic posts can be done effortlessly to keep people informed and engaged. This way, the lead building is much more simple.


One of the age-old methods implemented is using content in the digital medium. Following the right method of using content in email marketing will help target the exact kind of audience who agents want to become their next set of leads. Through this method, providing valuable information about Dubai’s current property market, homes on sale or rent etc., can be done to be in constant touch with people on the email list and fulfil their lead generation goals quickly.


The first place people planning to buy a home in Dubai visit is the online property portals. An unending list of properties can be found there. Making use of this opportunity can be done by embedding chatbots into the website. This feature excites and engages with people and would help guide them after taking their names and contact details. This information can, later on, be used to follow up with them in their property buying journey or for future purposes.


Instead of following one technique for marketing multiple things, narrowing it down to the specifics is the best way to grow the leads quickly. Websites hold a lot of information that would make potential buyers get lost somewhere midway. As an alternative, agents can build landing pages for different purposes and market them individually. This method will increase traffic and viewership and eventually help in converting them into leads. Once landing pages are created, they can be marketed across network groups, social media and other platforms.

Even though businesses in Dubai are unpredictable, the real estate business is a steady and foreseeable venture. The drop and elevation of this sector can be detected well before, and, accordingly, the sellers can take favourable actions when selling a property. Lead generation could be slightly demanding for estate agents when the properties for sale are increasing by the day. Closing more deals will require a steady flow of buyer leads, and with proper good marketing methods, one can skillfully bring in more buyers every month or every day!

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