Be Aware of Fake Car Rental Promotions

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In Dubai, you will see many car rental companies which offer great packages for tourists as well as for locals. It includes deals, promotional codes, and lots more. But it looks too good to trust and seems suspicious. It’s your responsibility to be aware of such fraud car rental companies in Dubai. Or else you end up being cheated.

Here, we will discuss the most popular fake offers of car rental companies and ways to avoid them.

The cost of insurance policies is high

Most car rental companies suggest taking insurance policies to tackle unwanted situations like accidents, car stolen, scratch on the car, and other things. So you have to pay an extra amount while renting the car. It is not necessary but to tackle such situations companies offer this insurance. Or else you have to pay if any of the above-mentioned incidents happen. Generally, the amount required for car insurance is not much higher but some companies in the name of insurance take an excessive amount.

Your insurance already gets covered in case you are using credit cards to pay the amount. You are not required to take an additional insurance policy. Never forget to review your credit card’s policy. Have a look and check the amount it covers.

So before taking an insurance policy, understand all the terms and conditions. Most importantly, ask them questions related to the amount car rental companies ask. Sports Car Hire Dubai is the best car rental company. Here you will get all the facilities without much trouble at an affordable rate.

The car returning trick

If you are renting a car, you need to fix the date to return it. But some car rental companies play tricks with time and don’t mention the particular timing. So that the consumer has to pay an overdue fee.

For example, suppose you are renting a Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020, and your timing is to return the car at 6 pm and if you are not aware of this thing, you will end up paying an overdue fee. So be aware of such two-faced companies.

If you want to avoid such additional charges, you must read the contract first. Once you understand its terms and conditions, sign it. And, don’t forget to ask the correct time to return the car.
Additional fuel cost

When you rent a car from any car rental company, they fill the fuel tank. But at the time of returning, some companies require the tank to be filled the same just like the time it was given to you. Or else, you will end up giving fuel charges. So while renting the car, make an inquiry related to the fuel charges. If they take such charges better to leave such a company or fill the tank from the petrol pump before returning the car. In this way, you will save your lot of money.

Distance costs

If any rental company offers an “unlimited mileage deal”, be aware of it. Because in reality, they will charge you if you cross the mileage limit. So before starting driving or taking this car, make the proper inquiry.

Additional invisible charges

Rather than the above-mentioned points, some companies have hidden fees. It is always better to understand their terms and conditions before renting any car. Because some fraudulent companies are ready to make money from you.


I guess you got your information. Before renting a car, remember these points and don’t become prey.

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