This Summer Keep You Hydrated With Aquaguard Water Purifier Service Centre Mumbai

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Mumbai is among India’s most polluted city and due to elevated pollution Mumbai’s atmosphere is too hot during summer because people dehydrate faster than usual. As we know, the human body comprises 65% of water, and every 1% of water loss may lead to dehydration, which is not suitable for living a healthy lifestyle. So keep water regularly to maintain optimum hydration inside your body.

But drinking water may also lead to severe health issues if it contains any contamination. Thus, drink enough water and ensure to consume pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water. Mumbai is India’s most populated and polluted city. Every year, various people get sick due to different diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water, so people must drink contamination-free water regularly.

In India’s capital, almost all freshwater sources are highly contaminated and shouldn’t be consumed until the best form adequately treats them of the water purifier system. A water purifier machine is mainly based on the modern and advanced form of purification technology, which eliminates all kinds of water impurities and improves its taste, so installs a water purifier and enjoy healthy water.

Which Water Purifier Is Best

RO, UV OR UF, which water purifiers are best? These water purification technologies are crucial, and a vast number of RO, UV, and UF technology-based water purifier are available in the market. All the water purifier has its advantages like a water purifier based on only RO technology. It can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in water but is mainly used in those areas where water TDS is comparatively higher than microbial contamination.

A UV Water Purifier eliminates all kinds of microbial contamination present in water, but it doesn’t deal with other forms of contamination present in water. Thus a UV water purifier is mainly used in those areas where the number of microbes or microbial contamination is slightly higher than the other forms of contamination.

A UF water purifier also reduces the concentration of dissolved salts present in water and work in the same fashion as a water purifier, a RO technology water purifier does. But these two has a significant difference, which is, a UF water purifier eliminates slightly higher particles as compared to an RO water purifier

Difference Between RO, UV, & UF

Based on reverse osmosis technology Uses UV rays Works of Ultra Filtration technology
Eliminate all kinds of contamination Only eliminate microbial contamination from water Eliminate slightly larger size molecules
Requires electricity for operation Need electricity to operate Don’t require electricity
Contain pre-filtration system to treat muddy water It needs clean water Can work with dirty & turbid water
Remove dissolved salts Can’t remove dissolved salts Can eliminate dissolved salts

Where To Install Water Purifier?

The water purifier is crucial; thus, it should be installed from the best place. In Mumbai, Aquaguard is one of the best water purifier manufacture and service provider; therefore, to get your water purifier install, get in touch with the Aquaguard Service Mumbai store. Water purifier installation is one of the primary steps to get 100% pure and healthy water; thus, it should be appropriately done via expert and professional service engineer.

How Much Water Should Drinking?

The amount of water one should drink mainly depend upon the various factors like age, gender, and physical activity they perform regularly. However, an average adult is advised to consume 2.5 litres to 3.5 litres daily regularly. In contrast, a normal adult female is advised to consume 2 litres to 3 litres of water to maintain an average hydration level inside the body.

Maintaining proper hydration level inside the human body keeps them healthy as water is required in almost all activity like digestion, removal of body waste, blood circulation, brain activity, and various others. Thus, it is crucial to consume the optimum concentration of water regularly.

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