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Best Games of 2021 to Make the Most of Your Free Time Now


Best Games of 2021: Addicted to mobile games and looking for top trending games to make the most of your free time then this blog is for you. This blog will give you the complete list about the top trending games. 

The list of games is all about thrill, excellent features, fun, graphics, etc. these are the online games which you can play with your friends by connecting them through social media. Many mobile game app development companies are developing new and trendy games as they are in demand.

It is just the start of 2021 and we already have a lot of amazing games which are available on both Android and iOS. Some are already launched and some are going to launch soon this year. 

The Top Most Trending Games of 2021 are:

FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards)

This game was launched at the start of this year. It is one of the most considerable “Made in India” projects that nCore has discussed. This game is to give honor to the brave soldiers and military of the country. It is a multiplayer online game. It is also a third person shooting game that is similar to PUBG. 

This game gives tribute to the army who are ready to serve the country in all situations 24/7. This game was launched on 26th January 2021.

The Diablo Immortal

It is an upcoming free to play video game in the Diablo series that will run on mobile devices. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase. It is an online multiplayer game. It is going to be run on Android and iOS platforms. 

The players will have battles with dangerous monsters, raid dungeons, and many more adventures to go in this game.   

Warhammer: Odyssey

It is an online multiplayer role-playing game that was released on 8 March 2021. It was developed by Virtual Realms and it is free to play. It will be launched on both Android and iOS platforms. This game has a tremendous fan following.

It also allows pre-registration through which players can access the game as the game gets launched. 

League of Legends: Wild Rift

It is an online multiplayer game and it was developed by Riot games, later acquired by Tencent games. This game shows a number of features of the legendary league of legends. 

This game is going to launch globally soon. It is free to play and would get one of the versatile games accessible when it’s released all over the world.

Project Odin

It is a fantastic game which was developed by Lionheart studios which is a development house in south korea. Which is developed using Engine 4 that is the first mobile game to feature 3D scan and capture motion. It takes its inspiration from the Norse mythology.

This game is all set to get launched later this year in South Korea.  

The Witcher : Monster Slayer 

It is one of the fans’ favorite series games. The title of this game is developed by Spokko which was purchased by CD Projekt two years ago specially to develop a new mobile game. 

This game has console quality visuals and a robust crafting system to make traps, potions, and much more. Release date is not fixed yet.

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Summoners War : Chronicles

It is one of the first mobile app games which has gained huge popularity. This upcoming game is available both on Android and iOS platforms. Even if you are addicted to other games, Summoners war will hold you back.  

This is the first game in Com2U’s efforts to enlarge Summoners War world. It is going to be released in June 2021.

Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon sleep was announced back in 2019 but it was not released in that year. This game is not going and catching the pokemon like pokemon go but is about to turn sleeping into entertainment by tracking your sleeping pattern.

It is not clear how it will work but it can be considered a good game. Stay tuned for more updates in 2021. 


In this pandemic everyone has used their time in some or the other way by doing various activities during lockdown. People who are addicted to games will have spent most of their time in games and it will be a jackpot for them if there are new games released. 

So here in this blog I have mentioned the list of some popular games that are released or are going to be released later in the year 2021. I hope that this blog will help you to get information about the popular games that I have mentioned in the blog. 

Apart from the list there are many other games that are going to be released later this year.

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