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7 Healthy Foods That Put You in a Good Mood

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Best Healthy Foods That Put You in a Good Mood: Many people indulge in sweets when they are stressed or worried about something or facing a difficult situation. I am also the kind of person who always goes for food if feeling down. But do you know that these sugary products have negative consequences?

Recent research reveals the link between food and psychological behavior, such as mood swings, etc. The mood can be affected when a person does not get enough sleep, stress about something, hesitation in interacting with people, deficiency of nutrition, etc.,

Whenever I am hungry I become angry. This always happens with me, and it shows how appetite can leave negative impacts on our mental health as it affects physical health. My family Psychiatrist in Rawalpindi describes that some food helps to boost the mood.

Here, We Have Come With The Best Healthy Foods To Boost Brain Health.

Healthy Foods to Lift the Spirits 

  • Pump up with Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, your brain also requires fuel to function. So, what about dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate includes compounds that improve the mood instantly because of its sugar. It contains compounds, including caffeine, N-acylethanolamine, theobromine, etc.

Such compounds boost the mood as they are directly linked with a psychological response. No one can deny the facts of chocolate that it has pleasurable flavor, smell, and texture that promote your mood.

  • Reach for Bananas

Bananas are high in vitamin B6 and make you feel good. Research says that eating bananas reduces the stress issue. Low blood sugar levels cause mood swings and irritability. Bananas give a pair of fiber and sugar that combine to provide better mood control and maintain blood sugar levels.

  • Load up on Whole Grains

Brain health requires some compounds such as Vitamin B and nutrients. We should make a choice and go for whole grains because they are rich in both compounds and they are also beneficial to minimize the inflammation of the brain. Whole grains also help to preserve your memory.

  • Always Welcome Berries 

The psychiatrist suggests having berries in your diet plan as it helps a lot to reduce depression. Berries have antioxidants compounds along with phenolic compounds that combat oxidative stress. A study shows that an anthocyanins diet plan can minimize the 39 percent of depression and boost the mood.

Some countries do not provide fresh berries but distribute frozen berries. You can buy the frozen ones as they will also contain antioxidants.

  • Enjoy Coffee 

Around 70 percent of people say that coffee boosts their mood and increases alertness. Caffeine does not allow adenosine to attach with tiredness brain receptors and keeps you alert. People love coffee as it keeps them active and helps them to concentrate even more.

  • Include Fatty Fish in Your Diet Plan 

Fatty fish includes important brain compounds such as omega-3 fatty acids. Your body needs these acids as it can’t produce them. To lower your depression, you can eat fatty fish like salmon and albacore. Omega-3 contributes to brain development and cell signaling.

  • Fermented Foods

Mood health can be improved with fermented foods. Probiotics support the growth of the bacteria that triggers the serotonin levels. To support gut health, we should include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi in our diet plan.

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Let’s Find Out What are The Causes of Mood Swings:

  • Illness: Fear of losing your quality of life or the life you expected can bring mood changes. Disturbing thoughts about losing your dreams can cause psychological issues like depression and stress.
  • Grooming period/development stage: Many kids suffer from learning disability disorder during their development phase. We can say they can get affected by anything due to a lack of emotional control.
  • Injuries: Sometimes, it is not easy for people to deal with injuries or severe road accidents. They relive the moments, and it keeps them disturb.
  • Medication side effects: Long-term medicines can leave negative side effects and cause mood swings. People with some other physical illness become rude or always give an angry reaction.

And Many More!

Final Thoughts 

A researcher from Attock hospital says that we should change our lifestyle if we experience mood swings for a long time. You should also get medical help or visit your psychiatrist as it will help you to learn If you are suffering from any psychological issue.

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