Importance of Distance Education

The Importance of Distance Education in the Developing World

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Importance of Distance Education: Distance education or distance learning is a type of education that concentrates on pedagogy, technology, and the design of teaching systems, which is completely included in educating students who are not physically present in the classroom. Instead, teachers and students communicate asynchronously by exchanging printed or electronic media or through technology, which allows them to communicate synchronously, in real-time. Distance learning courses that need attendance at a physical site for any reason, including taking the exam, are regarded as a hybrid or mixed course or program.

The Importance of Distance Education in the Developing World

Distance education may be a powerful and increasing force in education at the university level, during a broad sort of disciplines, including astronomy. In developing countries, distance education allows a very small number of astronomers to reach the whole population and can educate students at a lower per capita cost than traditional institutions. Most of the comprehensive distance education institutions are in developing countries. In distance education, the student is distant from the campus and is being educated through a mixture of media, with uniquely prepared printed text being central. Depending on the resources, a variety of other media may be used, especially TV, video, and personal computers, which can be located in all study centers and shared by many students.

A surprising range of non-trivial observational and innovative work can be accomplished in astronomy without any special equipment. Some measure of support throughout the course is necessary, even if only in the form of written correspondence with a tutor, and student self-help groups. Distance education programs are also necessary on campus, where advanced self-study can make up for a shortfall of astronomy teachers.

Distance education is known as the modern non-formal education system. In distance learning mode, students are commonly not required to be actually present in school. Traditionally this normally comprises correspondence courses, in which students communicate primarily through posts in a school/university. But now it really includes online education. Distance education played an important role in improving the education system.

For distance learning, various terms have been used such as:

  • Open Learning
  • Online Education
  • Distance Education
  • Open School / University
  • Open Education
  • Distance Teaching
  • Correspondence School
  • Correspondence Learning
  • Correspondence Teaching

As distance education continues to realize popularity. As a result, the range of distance education schemes offered by many institutions worldwide is huge. the amount of online courses and distance learning degrees is consistently increasing. Mention below some important criteria that you simply can consider when choosing a distance education program.

  • Overall costs of distance learning degrees
  • Accreditation of online programs
  • Study materials and the digital learning environment
  • Flexibility of learning
  • Student support services


Importance of Distance Education

The Rapid Development of New Technology

Rapid scientific and technological developments lead to the explosion of the knowledge industry. It is difficult to incorporate new changes as desired in the rigor of education and high-cost formal systems.

Take up an Important Job:

Distance learning gives you a similar authority over time. Jobs that make a favorable contribution to the nation are always a matter of priority. Distance education helps the students with flexible studying hours which can help them to continue the job of your interest without any interference and can contribute towards the nation’s overall development.

Geographical Barriers and Social Isolation

People may be isolated geographically or socially due to distance, lack of communication system, deprivation due to financial, physical, emotional, or family circumstances. Distance education provides opportunities to a large number of people who were previously denied such opportunities.

More Skilled Individuals Lead to More Development:

Distance education not only helps you to develop your talents but also helps you earn more. This, in turn, will assist you to multiply the skilled workforce to those countries which successively contribute more to the country’s GDP.

Universal Education and Democratic Aspirations

To achieve the cherished goal of universalization and democratization of education, especially those sections of society that are being neglected.

Indulge in a Sport:

Many hand over their sports careers because they need to continue their studies. Well, distance education can help you fulfill your dreams without any hindrance. You can exercise your sport and express your country internationally without giving up your education. This will help the country to supply global players.

Boon for In-Service Aspirants

Distance learning is especially essential for working professionals who want to learn while earning. Open universities have proved to be a boon for in-service aspirants. Working professionals can brighten their chances of promotion by improving their educational qualifications.

Convenient Education Medium for Women:

Some Indian families have a narrow mindset regarding further education. Therefore some women are forced to halve their education and marry without achieving their education. Open education gives women a golden opportunity to review again and achieve their dreams and contribute to the event of the state.

Multi-Talented Professionals:

Correspondence education helps students to take various courses which are not accessible in colleges from their immediate geographical area. For example, a student from anywhere can apply for any college which provides correspondence education. The student can complete his course only by sitting anywhere. It can help to make multi-talented professionals.

Pocket-Friendly Fee Structure:

Distance education is always efficient in nature as it places a duty on the students and their parents. These help the student to invest their funds in some other productive medium that can help the nation in one way or another.

Distance education is one of the latest education trends that is helping a lot of candidates to achieve their dreams with minimum effort. Distance education is making life easier for several applicants by coming to their door. The distance education system is helping to improve the literacy rate of the country.

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