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6 Best Pediatrics EMR Software in 2021

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Pediatrics EMR

Pediatrics EMR Software: Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the health and medical treatment of babies, teenagers, and adolescents from birth to the age of eighteen. EHRs for pediatricians is really important these days because they help pediatricians complete a lot of their tasks.

Pediatric EMR allows pediatricians to measure and show growth percentiles using pediatric age-specific norms for weight, height/length, head circumference, and Body Mass Index (BMI). In this piece, we will discuss a list of the best Pediatric EMR software, as well as the features that a good EMR software for pediatrics should have, so let’s get started.

Pediatrics Specific EMR Features

Like every other medical practice, Pediatric practices also require some specific features. Good Pediatric EMR software needs to have a certain set of features that we are going to talk about. 

The features that a Pediatric EMR software needs to have are Pediatric Medication Management, Pediatric-Specific Workflows, Growth Charts, and a Patient portal. It is very important for a good Pediatric EHR software to have Customizable templates and workflows to streamline the management of clinical and treatment data.

All these features are pediatric-specific. They help improve financial as well as clinical efficiency. Overall, these are necessary features for Pediatric practice. Now that we know a little bit about Pediatric EMR software features, let’s move onto the best EHR software for Pediatric out there. 

Top Pediatrics EMR Software 2021


PrognoCIS by Bizmatics is a user-friendly pediatric EHR that allows users to streamline their practice’s workflow while staying compliant with constantly evolving rules and regulations. The solution is tailored to the specific needs of pediatric hospitals, with features that streamline the paperwork, treatment delivery, and billing processes.

Custom features, maps, reports, and models are included in the platform to make it simple to access the child’s history, test results, and progress notes. Users can easily monitor clinical quality controls, view data from growth charts in a variety of formats, and sort laboratory findings by age and gender.

Office Practicum

Office Practicum EMR, another top choice for pediatric practices, provides practice management, electronic health records, business intelligence, and billing services to assist independent pediatric practices in improving their financial and clinical outcomes. Specialty-specific features, models, and reports are included in this integrated pediatric EHR solution. Templates for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are available to users.

Medical practitioners can save time by not having to spend time charting encounters and recording visits with this platform. This allows them to concentrate more on delivering high-quality patient care.

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RXNT provides pediatricians with a fully integrated health IT solution that streamlines daily workflows and reduces administrative tasks. From check-in to charting and invoicing, the cloud-based software effectively handles the doctor-patient–parent experience. It has simple features that allow pediatricians to concentrate on their patients’ treatment and the progress of their practice.

Users of RXNT have access to a free digital risk awareness toolkit, which provides tools for proactively avoiding threats like regulatory breaches or malpractice. To simplify administrative tasks, the platform’s practice management system integrates an automated medical billing solution with a patient scheduling feature.

Epic EMR

Epic is a cloud-based EHR that has been providing its services to thousands and thousands of doctors. It was founded in 1979 and has been used in several specialties. Epic EHR software is known to have impressed lots and lots of Pediatricians and has kept them happy with the features that it offers. It is very well known for Pediatric practices. 


NextGen is an integrated EHR and practice management software designed with the input of forward-thinking pediatricians to help users deliver exceptional pediatric treatment. The platform provides features designed specifically for pediatric workflow and pediatric medicine. It enables users to manage government-issued health-research funds and increase the quality of pediatric care through in-house resources.

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CureMD provides an all-in-one Pediatric EHR solution that allows users to simplify day-to-day operations and increase practice performance. The platform is known for its user-friendly templates and automation features that boost data entry productivity. It’s the perfect option for pediatricians who want to treat their patients like kids rather than “little adults.”

Overall, we think these are the top EMR software for Pediatric practices. If you want to know more about any of the mentioned software or if you want to test out their features, visit Software Finder. You can also book a demo for any of the mentioned software. 

Final Thoughts!

Pediatricians should explore more specialty-specific EMR systems designed around their particular needs in addition to the items listed here to find the right solution for their pediatric clinic. Our list has the best Pediatrics EMR software so if you are looking to invest in one, make sure to check these out. 

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