CDSCO Registration

CDSCO Registration: Obtain it to import Cosmetics in India


CDSCO Registration is a mandatory certificate issued by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization to those seeking to import cosmetics in India. However, the issuance only takes place once the Organization is satisfied that the cosmetic product is fit for consumption by Indian citizens.

CDSCO Cosmetic Registration is one of the mandatory certifications issue by the Central Drug Control Standards Organization. By issuing it, the importers of cosmetic products can import and sell foreign cosmetic products in India. Only meant for large scale importers, this certification is only issued after the CDSCO verifies the effectiveness and the safety levels of the product.

Thus, in this article, we are going to take you through the process of CDSCO online registration. Along the way, you’ll know about the steps you need to take to obtain it, the documents that you’re required to attach with the application, and the experts who can help you through the whole procedure.

What is The Process of Getting CDSCO Product Registration?

For arguments and simplicity’s sake, consider “product” as cosmetic. Following are the steps that one has to go through online in order to obtain CDSCO certification in India:

  • Go to the official CDSCO Website: It’s a complex website with several elements. Thus, you’d need the aid of CDSCO registration consultants to navigate through it.
  • Read the guidelines of cosmetic registration thoroughly: The application’s link would be given right above the guidelines. Read them thoroughly before you even start to fill the application form.
  • Fill the application form: Once you’ve read the guidelines and have understood the concept behind the registration, you can go ahead the file the online application form.
  • Attach the required documents for the application: Without the right attachments, the CDSCO won’t assess your application. Thus, keep in mind to properly fill the application form while attaching all the required documents.
  • The CDSCO will process the application:Once your application is received, CDSCO will process it based on the criteria mentioned in the guidelines.
  • Obtain the license: If the application is accepted, you’ll be issued a CDSCO registration certificate.

What are The Documents for CDSCO Registration?

As we said earlier, documents play a vital role in making CDSCO registration process a success. Following are the documents you need to attach with the application:

  • Cover Letter
  • Power of attorney
  • Undertaking
  • List of ingredients
  • Labels of the product
  • Product Specification
  • Testing method
  • Manufacturing license
  • Free sale certification
  • No animal testing declaration
  • No heavy metal declaration
  • Application form hard copy
  • Receipt of the CDSCO license fee

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Finally, how can we help? The process of CDSCO registration is hardly linear. In that regard, our experts provide you with end-to-end assistance. We take the task of filing your application of CDSCO registration and provide you complete assistance throughout the whole procedure. These include:

  • Department follow up
  • Removing discrepancies
  • Refiling the application in the event something goes wrong, and
  • Even document gathering in case you’re not able to come up with the right ones.

Thus, if you require CDSCO registration services, reach out to Registrationwala.

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