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Harmful Side Effects of Cosmetics: The Reason CDSCO Registration Exists


CDSCO Registration: Cosmetic products are magical ointments of wonders. One rub and they cover everything up from acne to dark spots to other things from your face that you think make you a bit less beautiful. Your pursuit of beauty often takes you to a foreign shop where you peruse through the exotic products made out of exotic materials. However, one day, you realize that your face have started to itch using these products. You try several medications, but this undue side effect of the product is not going away.

It’s too late now, but now is the time you think about your choices and thank the government for introducing the CDSCO registration.

What is CDSCO registration? It’s a certificate that shows that the product is fit for usage. As per the products guidelines of the CDSCO, foreign cosmetic can only be imported and sold in the country if their importer has first obtained CDSCO registration certificate.

Through this article, we are going to discuss about certain side effects whose prevention is the job of the Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO)

Addiction to cosmetics

“When you start seeing the results, it becomes an addiction” – is a quote used to motivate people to go to gyms and live a healthier live. However, like any word of wisdom, that quote has another translation when it comes to cosmetic products. And it’s called addiction.

In the world whose image has been ruined by the social media, constantly dipping yourself in a bathtub full of foundation to always have a perfect image of yourself is an addiction. If you’re addicted to the product, you develop dependency. And when you’re dependent on it, you won’t be able to realize your true beauty.

How does CDSCO registration help prevent addiction?

Everything about the cosmetic product is put under the scanner during CDSCO registration process, even the price. If the product works well, chances are it’s price is already high. CDSCO makes it higher, so that you’re not inclined to buy it over and over again.

Permanent Dark Circles on faces

Compared to the rest of your face, the skin around your eyes is sensitive. It’s probably that way to give a proper shelf to the most delicate part of your body- eyes. Being particularly soft, the most common side effect of overusing cosmetic product is the darkening of this skin – giving you dark circles around your eyes. When that happens, you end up buying another cosmetic to deal with these dark circles. The solution that it provides is nothing more than superficially covering it with a skin-coloured concoction.

How does CDSCO registration prevent the presence of dark circles?

It has been found that most often, its’ the toxic concentration of certain chemicals in the cosmetics that are responsible for the presence of dark circles. The CDSCO registration compels the manufacturers to put chemicals in the products within the prescribed limit. Additionally, it also compels the manufacture to provide the directions of use of these products.

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Aging of the skin

Nothing bother a person more than realizing that one day, the skin will get wrinkly, the bones with grow weak and the posture will go bent. If you’re lucky, all of this will only often when you’re old. If you’re unlucky, and have applied too much of certain cosmetics, the day might come really quickly. Certain cosmetic products kills the uppermost skin cells – making it saggy from the very start. In extreme cases, costumers have been known to develop cancerous conditions.

How does CDSCO certification prevent skin aging?

It all comes down to the ingredients of the cosmetic products. CDSCO’s job is to ensure that every product has the right amount of ingredient. Although it allows certain exotic ones, if they bear certain side effects, it can take back it’s permission.


Why do you think CDSCO registration exists? Harmful side effects of cosmetics is the real reason why CDSCO registration exists. Checkout the ways this “certification” protects people from side effects.

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