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Properties of Larimar

Larimar jewelry is extraordinary blue stones similar to the ocean in the tropical area and is a unique Caribbean gemstone. They are made with the mineral pectolite and are mined only in the Dominican Republic in Barahona’s mountain range, the country’s Southwest region. This stone was discovered in the year 1974 by the explorers and was named after the girl Larrisa, who was the daughter of one of the explorers with the word mar meaning water in Spanish. The opaque stone reminds us of the blue water of the Caribbean with the white veining lines. The shimmering hues connect with the sea and the sky, ranging from pale aqua to deep blue. And the stone ranges at 4.5 on the Mohs scale hardness.

About The Hues of The Larimar

As the Larimar stone got its color during the formation, the shades of Larimar ranged from the faint to vivid volcanic blue. The blue color comes from the presence of copper inclusion, which is the actual reason for the variations in the stone. This color even calms the soul, and almost all the stones are bound to contain some swirls of white coloring. Moreover, the whitish Larimar has a faint blue color which is less valued, and the vivid blue variety of Larimar is known as the volcanic blue Larimar, and this stone is most valued.

Larimar Jewelry

Due to the chemical imperfection, the incredible Larimar bracelets have green or red spots, brown splotches, or other colors. These imperfections were caused by the volcanic iron that has oxidized inside the stone. However, the Larimar earring looks flawless and incredibly beautiful when worn.

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About the Clarity and Cut

The Larimar exhibits the patches of the translucent material. You can even find the faintly fine varieties of Larimar, which is primarily opaque and displays an attractive silky smooth luster. They are usually cut and polished into dome shapes or cabochons. The structure of Larimar consists of many inclusions making it quite challenging and suitable to cut into a variety of forms. It is faceted into cabochons to enhance the particular color scheme or capture a fascinating pattern.

Advantages of Wearing the Larimar Jewelry

Wearing Larimar rings helps generate the feeling of calmness and relaxation, also helps in controlling anxiety and emotional issues. In addition, it is associated with the throat chakra, promoting its power and healing ability. Due to this, the calmness and the remarkable healing benefits of the Larimar pendants are called the Dolphin stone or the Atlantis Stone.

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Wearing a Larimar Necklace would be fabulous. It would be very near to the wearer’s heart, promoting ease of expression related to emotional concerns and helps in effective communication. Moreover, this stone can be helpful for the person suffering from a panic attack, phobias, anger, or fear, facilitating Clarity and peace, radiating healing and love energy. Moreover, the Larimar stone is not a traditional birthstone for any zodiac or birthstone, but it would be more beneficial for the people born during the spring months.

Where to Buy The Stone From?

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