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The current situation of the facing so many drawbacks and difficulties and also lack of many opportunities, whether professional or personal. People cannot go outside to interact with each other and also avoid organizing any kind of events or ceremonies to prevent crowds. Similarly, many civilians are not only going on vacations but also planning birthday parties and other events along with precautionary measurements. Apart from the usual activities, the sector which is extremely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic is education.

Some countries open up educational institutions, but the other countries are still struggling to find a way out to provide education. Education is a basic and most essential part of society because a society can grow and develop efficiently when they deliver effective and potential, and satisfactory education to its generation. A school needs to restructure itself to protect the children from the unhealthy environment and provide essential to prevent the infection.

Health crisis, along with education outbreak, will be problematic as time running. One year of educational loss changes everything; even the reopening of the schools will change the perceived educational institutions forever. It is important for the schools to diverse the need s by delivering learning to their students.

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What Changes are Coming to Cover up The Losses?


The educational needs are fulfilling through online tests and the delivery of the course through computers or laptops. Technology is getting vast and using broadly during the whole change condition of the world, and people begin to rely on technology completely whether, for shopping, banking, or delivering something, everything goes technologically advanced and so is educational methods. Teachers are taking online conference classes and providing the best they could.

People now get used to it and set up a school area where laptops and books are arranged for the child. In the morning, children get ready and attend their class in proper uniform to give it a feel. For the teenagers, teachers assign knowledgeable tasks and assignments remotely accomplish and ended up gaining knowledge and researching skills. If the COVID 19 still be presented, or another wave of Covid-19 Pandemic hits in 2021, the hybrid educational method will be continued. Because of the pandemic, it will be a huge risk to provide integrated learning procedures.

The hybrid system also becomes problematic because the children and youngsters are spending more time in front of the technical devices and did not focused on physical activities because firstly they have no attended a class then prepared assignment or do homework which was also performed through computer ad laptop.

A Hygienic Environment With Physical Precautions is Important

In the United States, it was reported in 2016 that the students were experience anxiety and mental health disorders. As per fifty percent of the student during the pandemic, they are facing mental health issues and frustrations and also want to provide the services to improve the mental health while the schools and other educational institutions are closed.

As per the survey of high school and college students in 2020, 44 percent of students are worried about their future and think maybe they did not make it to college or stay in college. The time is here to put efforts to build strong emotional and physical to these students and reopen the college to support and improve physical and mental health by building resilience.

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New Modules Teaching

The teachers and educators are performing and delivering differently to create a World Economic Platform. They need to be flexible while delivering education through a hybrid because students are converted themselves as tech-savvy after frequent use of technology and have unlimited information and discoveries just a fingertip away.

Education can be shifted from traditional methods to covering the topics like effective decision-making, Artificial Intelligence, drone technology, coding and decoding, responsible decision-making, and also should comprehend and build more skills and creativity, so they can find jobs not only in education basis but also according to their skills. Teachers should find out the strength of the students; whether they are educational or artistic, educators should help students to further enhance their strength to build strong individual skills for the future and themselves also.

Some Key Concerns

The current scenarios and circumstances need and explore, and educational institutions and centers are now transforming according to the basic need and requirement during and till the pandemic lasts. It when the pandemic ends, everything will be completely transformed into a new world, where a majority of the essentials will be delivered through online services; automation will replace most of the sectors, for example, drivers, because drivers fewer cars are already introduced.


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