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How Physical Therapy Can Help You Improve Your Posture Drastically

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Many people want better posture. After years of sitting at desks or leaning over paperwork, the body seems to forget how to sit up straight or stand tall. Poor posture is problematic because it often results in aches and pains. While you can invest in expensive back braces and posture supports, physical therapy near me may be the best treatment and corrective therapy for poor posture. Don’t underestimate the importance of posture and how it contributes to musculoskeletal health.

Why Posture Is Important For Your Health

Most people don’t realize the importance of posture for health. It is easy enough to see the connection between good posture and improved spinal health because proper posture keeps the bones and joints in the correct position, reducing stress and strain on ligaments. That said, you may not realize that good posture also affects circulation, digestion, and breathing.

A proper upright posture gives the stomach and lungs room to expand and contract, which allows for proper muscle function. When you slouch, you compress the muscles and organs. Compression makes it more challenging for your body to function correctly, meaning digestion and breathing are more labored.

People with poor posture may also experience more frequent headaches. Bad posture or frequent slouching creates tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. The stress can result in a throbbing headache at the base of the skull. Sometimes, the headaches can flash to the face and forehead.

Physical therapists near me can build routines around your schedule to help improve your posture. If you work in an office behind a desk, they can help you find tools and techniques to practice your posture all day. Therapists can also teach you exercises to help strengthen the muscles essential to correct posture.

How PT Can Help You Correct Your Posture

PT is an excellent option for those with poor or incorrect posture or those recovering from injuries affecting their posture. A therapist can help you improve your posture by providing exercises and insights into your specific issues. The professionals will teach you how to perform the exercises so you do not injure yourself and receive the maximum benefit from the routine. PT specialists may use a combination of exercises to help improve your posture:

  • Hip flexor stretching
  • Door frame stretch
  • Shoulder blade squeezing
  • Chin tucks
  • Pectoralis stretch

It is common practice to use a foam roller for many different exercises. Some therapists also use a towel for accessibility and other stretch routines. Some professionals might also recommend joining body awareness classes like Yoga or Tai Chi. With regular PT and dedicated exercise routines, you can release tension in the muscles and joints and improve flexibility.

Many people struggle with poor posture. They experience sore backs, frequent headaches, and routine discomfort. A licensed physical therapist can help reduce body strain and teach you methods for improving posture for long-term relief. Contact a specialist in physical therapy Bowling Green to schedule an initial appointment and find out what therapy can do for you.

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