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How to Buy Diamond Rings Online?

Shopping and Product Reviews

How to Buy Diamond Rings Online? There is no doubt that diamond rings add elegance to your personality with utter grace. A simple diamond ring can make you feel stylish, special, and confident. You can share your forever love, a promise, or a mark of a milestone with your loved ones with these rings.

Online jewellery stores are getting popular nowadays because of their wide variety and heavy discounts. One can easily buy a diamond ring without visiting any local store. If you are planning to buy diamond rings online in India, you can follow these effective and easy ways to find the perfect diamond ring.

Find The Topmost Online Jewellery Stores

There are many jewellery stores available online. Research about the most renowned and trusted online jewellery store in India. Since you will be spending a handsome amount of money, you must purchase only from a reliable source. You can ensure their credibility based on popularity and reviews.

Find What Kind of Ring You Want

Take a brief look at one or two of the selected online stores. Browse the different varieties available in the market by filtering out the others at a time. Get familiar will all the categories. You will get a slight idea about what type of rings you really like and the ones you are not at all looking for. This will save a hefty amount of time later on.

To understand it in detail, let’s discuss the most common categories of diamond rings. Rings can be classified into the following categories.

  • Number of diamonds- A diamond ring can have from one diamond (solitaire diamond ring) up to many (pave ring).
  • Diamond properties- Based on the clarity and purity of the diamond used in the ring, the prices of the diamond rings differ.
  • Diamond cut- Diamond can be cut into various shapes and sizes. Round, Oval, Marquise, Pear, and triangle are some of the most traditional shapes.
  • Diamond setting- Setting refers to how diamonds are set into the metal band. Most common are prong, bezel, channel, bar, and pave setting.

Narrow Down The List

After selecting legitimate websites, narrow down the list based on diamond rings price. The cost of a diamond ring depends on various factors like cut, carat weight, colour, and clarity. Make sure you are comparing the price for the type of diamond ring you want, or else the comparison won’t give any favourable outcome.

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Browse The Online Stores

When you are looking for the perfect diamond ring, you keep on browsing the website, but the search never ends. A good buyer must know how to search and when to stop. As you know the kind of ring you want, you can simply begin the search by selecting appropriate filters. Apply filters for price, metal colour, and metal type, and occasion, number of diamonds, diamond shape, colour, size, setting, purity, and clarity.

Wish List Your Favorites

Pick the ones you like, don’t think about it too much. Look at the latest rings online in Australia and read their specifications. Wish list the rings that suit your personality and style. If you are buying the ring for someone else, think about what they will like according to their taste and personality.

Shortlist Your Wish List

The fun part is over now. You picked your favourites; it’s time to compare the selected rings. You can compare the rings yourself within the websites, or you have to take the help of some third-party websites.

Now, you have to start rejecting the rings instead of selecting them. Reject the least suited ones. Don’t forget the read the online reviews. Comparison based on multiple factors will make your decision easy. You will know which ones to let go of and which ones to keep.

At this stage, you narrowed down your list to a one-number figure. Do a final comparison, ask other people’s opinions, scratch your head a little and pin down the best diamond ring.

Read About Their Return and Exchange Policy

Chances are you might not like the ring you receive, or you change your mind after purchasing. For hassle-free return or exchange of the ring, understand the return and exchange policy of the online store before placing any order.

Select Your Size

Measure the size of your finger and select the best fit according to the size chart given. On some websites; you can even try how the diamond ring will look on your hand.

Make The Payment

Make sure to choose a secure payment gateway to make the payment, or you can choose cash on delivery if that’s available. While making the online payment, check that SSL is present for a secure network.

Within few days, your ring will be shipped to your address. Enjoy your brand-new piece of jewellery. And if you feel a need to exchange or return the ring, you can easily do that by referring to their return or exchange policy.

Happy shopping!

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