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Baker Racks are Useful for All Spaces

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Even though baker’s racks have been valuable pieces of furniture for many years, most people want to confine their use to the kitchen. But, most interior decorators are discovering the versatility that this piece of furniture offers to any area it’s placed. It’s more than extra storage for your country-style kitchen; it is a multifunctional piece for every space.

These convenient storage solutions are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors to adapt to your current home furnishings. Some of them are intricately built, making them an ideal focal point for your room. Consider effectively organizing your clutter by setting a baker’s rack anywhere you want to in your home. Wherever you need to manage your clutter a baker’s rack is the right choice.

While trying to think about ways to straighten up your messy bedroom, living room, child’s room, or garden, explore the amazing selection of baker’s racks online. They’ll inspire you to use the rack in ways you’ve never thought you would.

With endless design options on the market, a good baker’srack can fit right into any space without much fuss or effort. While these pieces started as companions to busy bakers in the 17th century we don’t have to follow the path laid by our ancestors. They can do more than provide a space for pies, bread, or cakes to cool down. There are multiple uses no matter your interests or hobbies, that can be applied to a baker’s rack.

Your main bathroom may not be the ideal place you’d think to place a baker’s rack. However, the rack is perfect for displaying toiletries and bathroom towels. Keep them readily available for use instead of inside a closed bathroom cabinet.

Store your body washes, facial cleansers, cotton balls, and other items you use daily on the rack’s shelves. Keep dry rolled-up towels in baskets on the lower levels or hang damp ones on hooks to dry.

Stowawaytoothbrushes and toothpaste if the rack has drawers. Mouthwash or other rinses can be kept on the shelves within arm’s reach.

If you have a pool house, a baker’s rack is a clever solution to declutter the small space. Just like your bathroom, keep dry towels readily available for a fun day in the pool. Hang your swimwear from the side hooks to dry once you’re done enjoying yourself. Other items needed such as sunscreen, lotions, goggles, and more can be kept in the drawers.

When your bedroom is small, every inch of space is important. The right corner baker’s rack will save space and give you a place to keep your books and display decorative items.

As you can see kitchen baker racks are for more than just your baking needs. A corner rack can also be used as a desk to complete homework or small crafting projects. You won’t have to worry about the desk taking up too much floor space, as it’s tucked away in the corner.

Do you have small children? Then you know finding a storage solution for their toys, puzzles, or building blocks can be a hassle. They move from room to room and never seem to end up in their dedicated storage option. So why not add more to the home?

You can place one in the living room for when they are playing while watching tv with you. That way they don’t have to travel far to put the toy away. Place one in your bedroom for when they run in the room with their favorite play-thing in hand, and you can easily put it up when they run back out forgetting they left it behind.

Wicker rattan baskets will serve this purpose perfectly. Many pieces are made out of solid, durable materials like wood and iron. With strong components, you won’t have to worry about daily wear and tear if you place the rack in a high-traffic area.

If your children have a play space, think about using a plastic or resin rack and anchoring it to the wall. Securing the rack to the wall makes it safe for use in the space where kids tend to get rambunctious and play rough on the furniture.

Gardening is another hobby you can use the baker’s rack for. The design of a baker’s rack makes it a wonderful way to protect herbs as they flourish. The materials used to construct these racks are normally suitable for any weather so can keep your treasured plants on a sun porch or move them to a deck or patio.

These racks are especially useful for flowers like roses or plants like ivy that cling and climb on surfaces as they grow. The tall backs of the baker’s racks can act as a trellis.

Many styles include built-in wine racks, hangers for stemware, and drawers accessories like corkscrews. Baker’s racks come in all types of styles, from glammed-out gold-framed units to black metal with vintage hardware if you choose an industrial-style bar.

Coffee bars are often overlooked in modern kitchens or office break rooms, but a baker’s rack works perfectly for your caffeine needs. You can hang coffee mugs from the hooks that are attached to the rack you’ve chosen.

Give your brewing methods and beans their own storage space, and let the frame itself also establish an area for others to congregate and discuss the day’s events. It can be the new water cooler in the office; the place employees go to share office gossip.

Mudrooms and entryways seem to attract lots of clutter. A baker’s rack offers an exclusive space to gather and arrange your grab-and-go essentials. Hang keys and handbags from the hooks as soon as you enter the home, and keep the lower shelf open for storing shoes.

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