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Maintaining Cool and Healthy Air: Understanding Air Quality and Air Coolers

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How Air Coolers Keep The Air Around You Cool and Fresh

For your fitness and well-being, comfortable surroundings are integral, and come above all. Comfortable surroundings come with cleanliness. Air around you usually contains dust, pollen, and other particles that can harm the environment. With uncontrollable pollution and environmental issues around us, maintaining good air quality becomes a must.

Poor air quality has a direct, and negative impact on health. Air coolers bridge this gap by eliminating hot and moist air from the room for fresh indoor air. They are equipped with tools to control the humidity and enrich it with cool and healthy air. Let’s understand more about them. More specifically, the parts which make this possible.

Parts of Air Coolers:

  1. Water tank: The water tanks differ according to the capacity of the air coolers. These tanks contain water which is used to humidify the air.
  2. Cooling pads: Cooling pads are made of cellulose or synthetic fibres. These pads play an are what are responsible for passing and cooling the air through the cooler.
  3. Water pump: The water pumps circulate water from the tanks to the cooling pads.
  4. Fan: The fan pulls the warm air and dusty particles from the room.
  5. Motor: Every electronic machine has a motor. Likewise, air coolers have motors for powering the fan and the water pump.
  6. Control panel: The control panel is important for the user, as it has all the options to set the speeds and ideal temperature on the air cooler.
  7. Exhaust vents: Exhaust vents blow cool, evaporated air in the room.

An air coolers function in two ways. With and without water.

Air Coolers’ Functioning With Water:

For cool air, you must fill the water tank on an   with clean water, up to its maximum capacity. Adding ice to the water also helps enhance the cooling. To get good cooling, play around with and tweak the temperatures, fan speeds, and airflow direction on the cooler till you achieve the results you’re hoping for

Air Coolers’ Functioning Without Water:

First, turn off the air cooler and unplug it from the power source. Then, you should remove the water tank and empty it. Cooling pads sometimes catch dirt and debris too. You should remove them clean the same properly. After this put the cooling pads back in and set the accurate fan speed according to your preferences. This process helps circulate air in the room without the cooling effect achieved through evaporation.

A few brands you could consider with a wide range of air coolers to enhance indoor air quality quickly and efficiently include:

Symphony air coolers, which are designed with innovative features that enhance the air quality in a specific area such as a room or office. For better air quality, Symphony air coolers filter and purify the air too, along with cooling it. These air coolers have a series of filters that extract dust, pollen, and other pollutants from it.

LG air coolers come with hygiene technology that prioritizes removing viruses and bacteria collected in the filters through a cleaning mechanism.

It is important to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the air coolers for healthier air quality.

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