The Reasons Behind The Popularity of Water Bottles


Reusable water bottles have got tremendous appreciation from the market in recent years. Before that, these bottles were popular only among hikers and adventurists. However, we find around us that everyone has their own reusable water bottle. These bottles are everywhere now. You can observe that almost everyone has a stylish water bottle in shopping malls, workplaces, gyms, parties, or all other social and public gatherings. The reason is the benefits that these bottles provide us while using reusable water bottles.

Why Do People Love Water Bottles?

Well, the first and foremost reason is personal convenience. Moreover, these bottles help make our earth beneficial for all human beings. Why is it so? We can avoid the wastage in this way that has been increased recently due to the plastic water bottles. However, we do not know how much plastic and water can be saved by doing this activity. The reason is that plastic has been a part of our life for many years, and even medicines, essential oils, CBD products, shampoos, and many other products are in the market that are packed in plastic bottles.

Additionally, the packaging firms offer 100 ml bottle boxes, 250 ml bottle boxes, 300 ml bottle boxes, custom bottle boxes, and many other packaging solutions in improving the look of these bottles. In this way, the packaging materials are also wasted after the use of these products. Therefore, there is no estimation of the wastage of plastic and other harmful materials for our environment.

Let us explore this issue in detail!

How Much Water or Other Liquids, Can a Reusable Bottle Hold?

Mainly, the water bottles can have 32 ounces of water inside them. It means that around 450 ml to 950 ml of water can be in these bottles. While talking about plastic water bottles, they may have 500 ml of water. It means that reusable water bottles can hold water more than plastic bottles. More importantly, you can use these bottles several times. Additionally, these bottles are cost-efficient and long-lasting.

The medical experts think that a human can take at least 8 cups in a day. It means that we need to take 64 ounces of water in a day. Your reusable bottle can help you perform this task convincingly because these bottles have a general capacity of 64 ounces. On the other hand, two 500 ml plastic water bottles are required to achieve the target of drinking 64 ounces in a day. Many companies take the help of custom bottle boxes companies to pack their bottles in different designs and shapes.

How Many Plastic Bottles, Can We Save in the Case of Using Reusable Bottles?

If we accept the above-described facts, we can save around 1400 plastic water bottles per year. Interestingly, if someone says that he buys only one plastic water bottle a day, it means that he is using more than 300 water bottles. It is huge while talking about the wastage. You can control it only when you have your own reusable water bottle.

Can Reusable Water Bottles Be Cost-Efficient?

You can buy a reusable bottle at the most affordable rates of $10. However, the rate of plastic bottles can be around $1. Furthermore, if you are interested in branded water, the rate can be up to $3. When you calculate it for a year, the daily expense can be around $12, which is comparatively huge. Therefore, the experts think that using reusable water bottles is not only safe for the environment but can also be more affordable than plastic water bottles.

Calculating the Exact Amount That We Can Save in a Year

When you use plastic bottles that you need to buy at least two dollars for two bottles, the cost can be more than $700 per year. However, the exact amount that we spend on the water is $3000 while studying the surveys and studies conducted in different regions. However, if you buy two reusable water bottles, you only need $20 to spend in a year. These figures show the discount or saving that you can get while using reusable water bottles.

Reusable Water Bottles Are Also For Other Drinks

We do not drink water only in our routine life, as energy drinks, cold drinks, tea, and coffee are also essential. When you use these bottles, you can save the packaging cost, which is essential to improve our environment, as the packaging waste can also be managed in this way. Some bottles work like an insulator through which you can keep the liquid hot or cold for a long time. Therefore, we can say that reusable bottles are beneficial for use in numerous ways.

So, if you are spending around $3000 per year and increasing the wastage simultaneously that affect our environment, you need to revisit your approach and start thinking about buying reusable bottles for water and other drinks, and save more than 75% of the total amount that you were spending on plastic water bottles.

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