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“If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.” Alfie Kohn

A preschool is a place where children take their first step to the outer world. Research says most brain development happens between the age of 1.5 to 6. These are the initial years of a child’s brain development. Children develop mentally and physically also develop various skills like social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive, literacy, and numeracy necessary for their future success. Having such importance, preschool should definitely provide all the elements responsible for healthy and holistic child development. Playschool providing a safe and nurturing learning environment is what children require at this tender age and parents look for.

Role of Preschool education?

Traditionally, preschool education was opted by working parents. The main aim behind sending children to preschool was to put them in a protective place for few hours. The motive of sending children to preschool was never learning rather it was security. Preschool education acts as a foundational stone in a child’s life. So, one should never think a preschool to be a place for their children to spend time rather it is a place where they learn in their initial years of growth.

One should not pick a preschool just because it is nearby or it has a lot to play. Preschool in children’s life is similar to a potter in clay’s life. Preschool shapes young minds. There has been a lot of development and additions in the preschools to make learning more engaging and experiential, allowing children to inquire, research, experiment, and discover to gain holistic knowledge about everything.

Top Playschools in India:

  • Kidzee: Kidzee is one of the largest playschool chains in India. It has 1700 + preschools in more than 550 + cities. It offers an inhouse made curriculum that is theme-based and specially designed to give wings to a child’s imagination. Kidzee understands that children learn and remember the best when they see things. So, they offer a learning tablet that has learning videos, games, activities, etc with parental control. It offers a nurturing learning environment with well-trained facilitators.
  •  Kangaroo kids: The playschool has centers in over 80 cities of India as well as Maldives and Dubai. It offers a unique curriculum that focuses on the skills that a child develops in its early years of development. It offers a spacious campus for children to play and learn and also offers a special learning toy kit.
  • Euro Kids: The playschool is a renowned theme-based preschool chain in India with more than 900 centres in around 300 + cities. The curriculum offered in the playschool is an amalgamation of Montessori and play-way methodologies. It provides enticing toys and engaging games for children.
  • Little Elly: Little Elly is an initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd, a company synonymous with education. The curriculum in the playschool is based on Montessori and Steiner methodologies. It has a special daycare facility for children. The playschool provides international learning toys, a lot of activities, field trips, and a lot more.
  • Hello Kids: Hello kids play school network holds more than 280 centres in over 20+ states. The playschool offers a curriculum designed to focus on play way learning and gives great prominence to learning through activities and games. The playschool also teaches children the basics of computers, provides regular health check-ups from certified practitioners.
  • Little Einsteins: The playschool has 30+ centres in over 9 states. The preschool provides a curriculum based on multiple intelligence which allows children to learn in multiple ways. The aim of the preschool is to develop a child’s motor, lingual, cognitive, social, and conceptual skills.
  • DRS Kids: DRS Kids is the highest growing best playschool chain with 100+ preschools in Pan India, nurturing and shaping young minds. The playschool provides an in-house interdisciplinary curriculum inspired by various educational theories for the holistic development of children. DRS Kids provides an interactive and integrated learning environment to create a life-like learning experience for children. The playschool provides world-class infrastructure, committed and trained facilitators, and an engaging curriculum for the overall development of the child.
  • Smart Kidz: The playschool has 200+ centres PAN Indian. The playschool follows a Montessori curriculum. The playschool mainly focuses on the mental, physical and intellectual development of the child. They have a colorful and homely preschool environment for children to be comfortable and feel they are home.


Playschools is a children’s hub for Imagination, innovation, and discovery. So the initial developing years for children should be in hands that look forward to nurturing and shape young minds. DRS Kids playschool provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for children aged between 1.5 – 6 years providing world-class infrastructure with a scientifically research curriculum-making every corner of the preschool a hub for creativity.

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