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The Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms In India 2021

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People spend more than 6$ billion on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing will grow so much more in these coming years. The affiliate marketing platforms help the marketers to search for a lot of affiliate programs to choose from. In this article, we will learn about different affiliate marketing platforms which are popular in 2021. The reason such platforms are very popular because you can find the best affiliate marketing program for you by just signing up and without wasting much time surfing on the browser. You can get the best digital marketing knowledge from the experts from these Digital Marketing Courses In Pune

In the future, millions of affiliate marketing platforms will be there for you to search for the best program for you without wasting much of your time. But not all of them are genuine. Some of them might be fraud for which you have to keep in mind and research properly before choosing the best program for you. Here are few platforms:


The average compensation is dependent on the individual brands. The minimum payout is $50. The cookie duration also depends on the brands individually. It consists of various niches. You can find more than 5000 retailers and merchants in ShareASale. You can take up any type of program you like. They have various programs for different niches. You can easily manage your activity and see your earnings in the given dashboard of this platform.

For this platform, you have to apply individually for the type of affiliate program you want in your schedule. And once they get it approved by the merchant you can purchase and start earning. There are so many types of products are available in ShareASale like the tangible and intangible. The least amount to get your payout here is $50. SareAPlace is a very trustable platform where you can begin your affiliate marketing business and start your journey altogether.

This platform also gives various offers on a timely basis which are very huge and can help you get it at a lesser price than $50. There are also a few cons to this platform as such less convenience etc. The links can sometimes be broken that can create glitches which will be a problem for your sales.

V Commission

The compensation depends on the individual partners and merchants. The cookie duration could range from few days to months depending on the type. The minimum payout of vCommision is $100. There is a various niche available in vCommission.

V Commison is a very popular Indian platform for affiliate marketing with services provided by more than 17,000. It can help you earn more money because it offers CPC, CPI, CPA, and CPS services. Some various reasons and statistics show its profitable more than its fellow competitors like ShareAPlace. It is very easily accessible actually. You can use the browser for its website or you can even access it through its mobile application. It offers branding services to large as well as small businesses.

vCommision comes in the category of one of the fastest-growing platforms that provide affiliate services. There is a feature present in the application of Commission through which you can track “real-time” to see and check your purchases and earnings. The platform is great for those who know how to utilize and sell. And knows how to maintain traffic on their website.

Some of the cons of this platform are that the price of this platform is a bit higher than the other affiliate platforms in this category. Also, you cannot request a payout until you make $100 in this network. The compensation rates could be a bit low sometimes. The compensation depends on the brand itself. The duration of the cookie can be between 42 hours to 30+ days. All types of niches are available on the website. To learn digital marketing from the experts check out these Digital Marketing TrainingIn Pune


Admitad is from a German-based company It is popular for its compensation rates. It provides great compensation rates for so many products. The main motive of Admitad is getting deals in the digital field and products. But physical products are also available here at great prices and compensation. It is popular for its transparency between affiliate marketers and merchants.

There are also international brands present on this platform networking site. You can easily find them and get all the benefits such as becoming partners with international brands. If you are a beginner in this affiliate marketing world then Admitad would be the perfect place for you as it provides training to small businesses and whoever in need.

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There are few cons to this site as well like you cannot see the exact consumer insights and a traffic source in your website. Also, choosing the advertisement is limited here. You can only proceed through the types of advertisement options that are given to you by the affiliate networking site. The complete affiliate program can be detained if any single person of the company violates its rules.

CJ Affiliate Network

The compensation completely depends on the brands individually. The minimum payout is $50 and $100 only when the payment is done through check. The cookie duration is completely dependent on the individual brands. There are various niches available from where you can choose your type of affiliate program.

CJ is very popular in terms of affiliate marketing networks for affiliate marketers and merchants. You can easily get permission to allow 300 and more merchants with their affiliate programs. The CJ affiliate has popular brands like Office Depot, Go Pro, Grammarly, Overstock, etc. The merchants get various types of options to choose from in this affiliate marketing brand. The dashboard of CJ is very general and easy to understand. You can easily browse and surf with it without any further redo.

The best feature of CJ is the link generation because it is available in the automatic feature. There is just one drawback of this affiliate platform and that is the homepage is a little bit complicated. Which can be a little difficult for the new merchants in the affiliate marketing platform. Rest it is easy for people who know affiliate marketing platforms very well.

Clickbank Affiliate Network

The average compensation depends on the brand’s individuality. The cookie duration is for about 60 days or so.  The minimum payout is very less here. It is just $10. The niche is typically for digital products only and they are generally available on Clickbank. You can also promote lucrative physical products in this.

Clickbank is very popular which is often used by professional bloggers and freelancers daily. Especially in 2021, it has reached a huge number because of its being cost-effective. The compensation rate is very cheap here and is best suitable for the ones with less budget for affiliate marketing. ClickBank is best suited for small business owners. You can find products according to your need within a few minutes without much hassle. Clickbank is a very exclusive network that is generally used by small business owners and brands. There is also an option for weekly payment available on ClickBank. To master digital marketing, enrol yourself in these Digital Marketing ClassesIn Pune

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