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Top Reasons Why You Should Care for your Dental Implants

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Dental Implants are artificial teeth that people get as a replacement for their natural ones. They consist of screws and crowns embedded in jaws. They’re no less than a blessing for people who have lost their teeth as they look and function just like natural teeth.

Because of dental implants, patients can fully enjoy their food and regain their beautiful smile. However, caring for implants is important no matter which dental clinic in Dubai you are getting them from. This is imperative if you want them to last a lifetime.

In simple words, one should take proper care of their dental implants otherwise it can be a big problem for them. Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the valid reasons why you should care for your implants:

Self Confidence

When a person has a missing tooth, it hampers their smile. For many years, the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures. But, today, dental implants are available. This alternative to the original tooth boosts the self-confidence of a person by giving them their smile back without being visible as implants blend in perfectly with the real ones.

Suffice it to say, if you want to give to retain your self-confidence, it’s important that you take care of implants. After all, they are responsible for the beautiful smile you flaunt so confidently. 


If you don’t properly care for your dental implants, it can result in Mucositis. It is a painful inflammation of mucous membranes.

When the implants get infected, the patient may see signs of bleeding. These infected implants cause inflammation which may lead to Mucositis. Mucositis damages the digestive tract lining by causing inflammation and ulcer. 

Taking good and timely care of your dental implants can greatly reduce the risk that you’ll suffer from such serious complications.

Bone Loss

If a person fails to maintain oral hygiene after a dental implant, it may lead to infections and may result in bone loss. This condition is known as peri-implantitis. Both soft and hard tissues are damaged since harder tissues are mainly retaining the implants so it can lead to serious issues. If the infection goes longer, the implants can lose support.

Micro-Movement of implant

The implant in the initial stages is unstable and due to any slight irregular movement, soft tissue ingrowth can occur.

In the first 8-12 weeks of implants, one should properly follow the dietary preventions as suggested by the dentist. For the first 24 hours, one should only consume soft foods and beverages.

Save your Money

A dental implant is a very expensive medical procedure. And it is not covered by insurance companies as well. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of them by cleaning regularly to avoid any further problems and to retain the treatment for a long time.

Time Involvement

This delicate medical treatment requires multiple sittings and each sitting consists of 2 to 3 hours. One has invested a lot of time in this procedure and has to bear the painful treatment, so improper care can be very dangerous. In many cases, implants cannot be repaired again properly.

Medical Conditions

If the patient is suffering from any other medical disease like cancer, diabetes, or gum disease, the implant would need extra care from the individual. People with tobacco usage are exposed to more infections after the implants. thus, requires special care.

Final Words

No one would want to lose the precious smile that they get after the implant. Therefore, experts believe that one should get alert on the first sign of collection of bacteria near to gums that are bleeding. Regular brushing with soft bristles toothbrush should be maintained. Dental flossing and mouthwash should also be used to avoid gathering bacteria near implants. If the issue aggravates, it is important to book an appointment at one of the best clinics that offer dental implants in Dubai.

So, next time you think to skip brushing your teeth, think again about your implants!

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