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24-Hour Emergency AC Repair in UAE

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While annual preventative maintenance can help reduce the likelihood of most major repairs, there is still the potential for system failure due to extreme temperatures in Dubai, aging or neglected equipment, or routine wear and tear. Regardless of when you need it, TBNTS Home Experts has you covered with 24-hour emergency AC repair Dubai services to help you beat the heat.

When to call the emergency air conditioning service in the United Arab Emirates.

Your air conditioner has no concept of time and is susceptible to breakdown or malfunction at any time of the day or night. While certain issues can wait until your scheduled appointment time, others require an emergency service call from our home comfort professionals, including the following:

An Air Conditioning Unit That Won’t Turn On

Here’s a no-brainer – if it’s a hot day and your AC unit just isn’t working, call TBNTS for a 24-hour AC repair in the UAE.

Lack of Cold Air (or Air at all)

One of the most obvious signs of an impending repair is a blast of hot air coming from your vents. Before calling, check the thermostat to make sure it is set to “cool” rather than “warm” and that the temperature is set several degrees below ambient room temperature.

Strange Odors (Especially Burning or Gunpowder Odor)

This could indicate a problem with your AC fan or compressor, or that a short circuit has occurred in a circuit board or in the fan motor.

Strange Noises

If you hear something that sounds like metal hitting metal, a part may be loose or the fan blades may be out of balance or broken. If you hear a loud squeak, it could be a broken compressor or fan belt.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

While you may be able to defrost the evaporator coil on its own, then you are dealing with large amounts of leaks around the unit. It’s best to call for an emergency air conditioning repair if you have this problem.

Coolant or Water Leaks

While a small water leak is not an alarm, excess moisture or buildup around the unit requires attention and, if left untreated, can lead to property damage or mold growth.

Brands for Emergency AC Repair in Dubai We Serve

At TBNTS, we can repair any Mac or model of air conditioner, including Train, Borg Warner, Amna, AO. Smith, American Standard, Coleman, Goodman, Bryant, Carrier, Road, Whirlpool, York, GE, Lennox, Rem, and more!

Our experts have the knowledge and skills to serve your HVAC system – no matter the brand!

What if The Repair is Not Enough?

Our team offers cooling solutions for every situation. Whether you just need a full, dirty filter or know that your system is at the end of its life, our professionals can help. We offer complete AC replacement and installation services in and around Dubai to ensure you have a comfortable home solution that works.

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Why Choose TBNTS for 24 Hour Emergency AC Repair in Dubai

As a family-owned and operated business, we have the ability to provide you with a unique, custom service that puts you and your specific needs above all else! In addition to our exceptional customer service, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair! Not only do we want to ensure that your air conditioner problem is resolved quickly, but we also want people you can trust in the years to come.

When you choose TBNTS, you don’t just choose trained professionals. You are choosing professionals who are dedicated with all their hearts and mind. That you get absolutely nothing less than the perfect HVAC service.

Our experts are always:

  • Well trained and highly knowledgeable
  • Experienced and competent when you have any problem with hot pump
  • On-time and ready to help with all your heating and air conditioning needs
  • Friendly and trustworthy, and able to answer any and all questions
  • Fully dedicated to superior customer service and optimal solutions

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