Custom Candle Boxes

Use Valuable and Practical Tips to Create Custom Candle Boxes


The more enticing your personalized custom candle boxes are, the more long-term customers you may gain. These boxes can be customized to your specifications.

Concentrate on the Size You Desire

When a maker contemplates making Custom Candle Boxes, he must take several variables into account. The most significant element to consider is the size of your box. It is critical in ensuring that your belongings are as protected as possible.

If you want to present your candles, designing a large size packaging is inefficient in terms of safety. Because it causes your candles to sway.

A smaller candle packaging, on the other hand, will make it more difficult for your items to fit within, causing damage to the edges and increasing the danger of candle damage.

Spend Less Money

Making suitably sized candle boxes out of cardboard sheets can save your business money in the long term. Furthermore, it decreases the risk of damage and ensures that your candles arrive safely.

Choose the Best Template

Another thing to keep in mind is to use the suitable box template. Because each product has unique packaging requirements, it’s critical to select the best custom candle box types for the job.

Get a plethora of appealing styles

As a business owner, you may have numerous possibilities. Mailer-style packaging, custom shipment candle gift boxes, sleeve packaging, foldable boxes, two-piece rigid packaging, gable packaging, and many other options are available.

How Do We Make a Template Into a Box?

We build the desired candle box packaging by first drawing these templates on cardboard sheets and then cutting them out.

Choosing the right type of box for your candles can help your brand in the long term. It accommodates your candles better. Furthermore, this candle box packaging helps to improve the image of your brand.

Make Your Artwork Professionally

The presentation of your candle gift box artwork is crucial. Because it is important in drawing buyers’ attention.

You must first create the artwork that will be used to design your cardboard sheets.

Make use of 3D Designer.

You have the option of using a 3D box builder or a die-line design. If you don’t have access to expensive design software or aren’t sure how to use it, 3D box designer is a great alternative.

Make use of Die Line Templates

Similarly, die line templates allow you complete control over the layout, fonts, colours, and alignment of your design.

How to Assess Custom Candle Box Artwork

  • Check that there are no cut or crop lines in your artwork.
  • The fonts were highlighted, and the transparency was flattened.
  • They must be stored as shapes or vectors.
  • The remaining graphic elements from various files must be embedded rather than linked.

Packaging Typography is emphasized

If you use a thick or bold typeface, your writing will be legible. Choosing a simple font design, on the other hand, may be lost throughout the printing process.

Enhance your candle package, especially if you’re using light-colored or white wording on a dark background.

Ink may bleed, and a dark background may cause an optical illusion, making your writing appear smaller and, in some cases, disappear from a distance.

Make use of bold fonts and dark colors.

When you make your writing too small, it becomes fuzzy and unreadable. Text printed on packaging appears better in a bold font style with dark colors, especially in italics.

Select the Most Appropriate Color Schemes

The more appealing your package, the more long-term customers you may attract. Color models are the best method to create an eye-catching display for your personalized candle boxes.

You may need to hire a professional to assist you in carrying things out correctly.

Color Schemes in CMYK and PMS

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The two most used color techniques are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black) and PMS (primary, secondary, and tertiary).

By combining these four typical CMYK colors, you may create a striking combination without worrying about pixel breakage.

PMS is also gaining popularity these days. Despite its high cost, it might be used to produce high-quality printed candle box packaging.

In conclusion:

Consider some of your most recent candle purchases. The bulk of these candles are packaged in bespoke candle boxes. Most manufacturers choose Kraft because it is the most versatile substance. We use it to package a wide variety of things, including candles, food, clothing, cosmetics, machinery, homes, and a variety of everyday objects.

These bespoke wholesale boxes are well-known for their long-term resilience, low cost, and toughness. Its exceptional characteristics have made it a preferred choice among all of the world’s major brands.

To produce amazing bespoke boxes, however, you must design cardboard sheets in a more appealing and professional manner. Because these sheets combine to form a box, it is critical to improve their presentation in order to attain the best results.

In this post, Fast Custom Boxes has covered all of the useful and practical strategies for producing Custom Boxes more efficiently.

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