Supercharge your Digital Marketing Performance Using Machine Learning.


According to Gartner, 37% of businesses surveyed use a kind of machine learning in their operations, with AI and machine learning accounting for about 80% of modern advancements by 2022.

If you are into digital marketing, or if you are a digital marketing agency this is the time to supercharge your digital marketing performance using machine learning. Machine learning has been fervently taken up by companies to tackle the marketing challenges like personalization, customer support, big data, etc. thereby seeking a competitive edge over their counterparts.

The pillars of success in digital marketing include analytics, personalization, automation, and optimization wherein Machine Learning can help in attaining new possibilities and discovering novel aspects of marketing. Machine learning technology determines behavioral and contextual triggers and finds a correlation to create quick engagement that can ensure further engagement and re-engagement with brands. These predictions are based on the data that reveals consumer preference a propos to products available from the brand.

What is Machine Learning?

ML is the science where computers learn and act like humans do, and improve their learning over time with the help of data and information in the form of observations and real-world interactions. There are many definitions of ML, including:

  • According to Stanford, “Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.”
  • McKinsey & Co. explains, “Machine learning is based on algorithms that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming.”

So, how can you leverage the power of Machine learning to supercharge your digital marketing?

  1. Analyse Data– The process of analyzing your data can be the first step to strengthen your marketing approach. This can be done by using machine learning to analyze and find user activity on your website. Of course, humans are capable of doing it on their own but they cannot be as fast and accurate as an AI-powered solution. For a better understanding of customer behavior, many digital marketing agencies are using machine learning.Take customer segmentation, for instance, dividing your audience into groups can help to improve your marketing efforts but doing so manually can be very time-consuming but with a machine learning algorithm, this can be done automatically on the basis of customer behavior and actions.
  2. Being a good writer is one thing but the way to earn a ranking on Google is a completely different story. Using a content marketing strategy is essential and machine learning can help your article rank higher on the search engine results where Google can reward your content with SERPs. You can take the help of machine learning tools to compare your content with Google’s top results and assure that you are following good SEO practices. Any digital marketing professional can help your brand in this. So, make sure you have a professional digital marketing agency to assist you.
  3. Personalization– According to research by Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer brands that remember who they are and provide relevant offers and recommendations. And most of the time many consumers switch brands because they don’t get any personalized experience. Here, machine learning can be your boon and provide customers with the personalized customer experience they wish for. Algorithms will help track the behavior of the customers on the basis of products they like and create a personalized experience on the homepage, recommendation, etc. Many eCommerce brands employ machine learning for this – like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. They use the algorithm to create a personalized experience for every customer who is most likely to make a purchase.
  4. Customer Service Management– Machine learning can help in creating amazing customer service. Use of live chat or chatbots provides customers Zero wait time, 24×7 availability, expanding knowledge database, routing complex queries to human counterparts, and also assist in outbound marketing by sending follow-up messages to customers. According to stats, 79% of customers prefer to live chat for quick answers. Bots empowered with ML can help digital marketing companies save money and time while delivering better business outcomes. The data collected through chatbot-interaction can be used to observe customers’ preferences, behavior, challenges, and interest to create better marketing strategies.
  5. Automation– This is the strategy that will take your marketing to another level. Machine learning is all about learning, adapting, and improvising. It learns the pattern, behaviors, past outcomes to generate authentic insights that help in customer segmentation, prescriptive suggestions, content targeting, and follow-ups. Many brands who manage the user experience with marketing automation have seen 451% higher qualified leads. Nearly 49% of businesses use email automation for marketing. Many renowned brands are using the marketing automation strategy to empower their digital marketing activity.
  6. Website design and UX– Machine learning can be a lifesaver as it can bring together user preferences, website heat maps, design best practices, and A/B tests. You can use more practical data to create impressive web designs. Websites help in creating better customer engagement.
  7. PPC Campaign– Since Google introduced several machine-learning-powered improvements to Google ads, the scope and complexity of Pay-per-Click ads have grown. There are various possibilities with machine learning in PPC ads such as: Analysing ads on search query level rather than keyword level, analyze on the basis of search context so you understand the likelihood of conversion, adjust bid for each auction, identify low-competition and low-expense keywords, and include user search behavior and much more.

Machine learning can truly transform your digital marketing efforts. But it’s always better to work, explore and know about it before you eventually decide to dive into it. Machine learning is not a silver bullet, but it definitely is powerful. It helps eliminate human intervention in trivial tasks and rather uses it in creating digital marketing campaigns that can grab attention. Hence, if you want the way forward, start embracing machine learning. As a digital marketing agency, it’s on the top priority list of our 2021 marketing strategies.

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