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What is the Difference Between Fine Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery?


Ornaments play a major role in every woman’s life. These jewellery accessories are responsible for making them complementing and completing their looks. There is a wide range of Jewellery available in the market ranging from traditional to costume. Women take decisions on the type of Jewelleries based on their occasion and attire. But when we talk about Jewellery, two types of Jewelleries come to our mind which includes: Fine Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery.


Before we understand the real difference between Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery, we need to have clarity on what is – Fine Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery.

Fine Jewellery

Fine jewelleryis used for any jewellery that is made from valuable metals such as platinum, silver, or gold. Typically,fine jewellery uses genuine gemstones like sapphires, diamonds, rubies, or emerald. This type of jewellery is durable and made for ever. You can wear every day.

Because it is manufactured completely of solid costly gemstones and metals, it is so much stronger than fashion jewellery. It will not blemish with appropriatestorage and care. Moreover, fine jewellery can be mended and repaired. It may come at araised price, but in reality, the permanence and value of these pieces are sound worth the investment.

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If you are muddled about where designer jewellery falls between these two classes, try to look at the piece composition. Few designers raise prices on fashion jewellery because of the connection with the brand name. Most of the brand names merely produce high-quality pieces made of costly metals and genuine gemstones. Kindly pay attention to hallmarks on your jewellery.

Some of the benefits of fashion jewellery which indicate differences

  • Preserves the piecebeauty
  • Helps identifyproblematic areas that need repair
  • Makes you want to wear the jewellery more often

Fashion Jewellery

On the other hand, Fashion Jewellery is not made from valuable metals. Sometimes, it is called costume jewellery and is frequently made from base metals, such as copper, brass, or aluminum. It can also be made with leather or textiles, or base metals that are coated with costly metals.

Fashion jewellery follows up-to-date trends. But did you know that there are different types of fashion jewelry? For example, “costume jewelry” is made from less expensive or simulated stones and plated metals while “high-end fashion jewelry” is made from precious materials.

Some of the benefits of fashion jewellery which indicate differences

As compared to Fine Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery provides a number of advantages such as:

  • Dynamic changes
  • Price structure
  • Online availability
  • Updates & upgrades
  • Versatility
  • Variety
  • Durability
  • Star influence

If you are planning to up-to-date your wardrobe, try to buy a new collection of Jewelleries in your nearest shopping mall or you can buy online. It has been noticed that most of the women make their own decisions on kind of Jewelleries based on their occasion and clothing. Before buying any kind of jewelleries, you are required to be very cautious about the purchase procedure and quick return policies, and securecard credentials. Continue easy and effective shopping. You can change your look with jewelleries as per your requirements. Dishis Designer Jewelry is an exclusive Best Online Jewellery Store. We at ‘Dishis Jewels’ offers all kind of Fashion Jewellery and Fine Jewellery ornaments.

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