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Which is The Safest Money Transfer App in India?

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When it comes to safety, not all apps are created equal. Many money transfer apps are available in the market; however, it is often seen that some antisocial elements still target innocent customers using these. According to one of the latest surveys by a network security agency, since the rise in COVID 19 cases, the intensity of phishing scams has also increased. Many times, the customers who are targeted in these scams are asked to share classified information such as their UPI pin, password, or OTP.

Once these details are shared the scammers can access your account and transfer money out of your account without your knowledge. In times like these, there is a growing need for a more secure money transfer app that can provide you with the reassurance of not compromising your bank account. The perfect answer to your needs, in this case, is using the Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Money Wallet.

Here are The Reasons That Make it One of The Safest Ways to Transfer Money

  • Airtel network intelligence – Airtel Safepay is the feature of Airtel Payments Bank where each time your account is debited, you get an alert on your phone. Only after you authorize it, that the payment can go forward. This helps in making you aware of any payment activity that is taking place in your account and gives you control to prevent the payment. Both Netbanking and UPI transactions are covered through this alert.
  • No exposure to your bank account – Since your money is debited from your Airtel Payments Bank account you do not need to fear your main bank account details getting leaked. There is also no chance of your bank account getting hacked since there is no active link for the hackers to follow back to your account.
  • No fear of stolen credentials – Your Airtel Payments Bank account is linked to your Airtel Mobile number and that is why even if your phone gets stolen, you just need to deactivate your SIM card through Airtel and nobody will be able to access your Airtel Payments Bank. You can simply get a new SIM card to reactivate our Airtel Payments Bank Account.

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  • Works even without internet – All you need is a network connection, and there is no need for internet for you to receive and authorize the Safepay alerts. You will not be charged in case you are receiving and replying to the Safepay alerts.
  • Confirms name and payment amount of payee – In the Safepay alerts the payee name and the debited amount is mentioned which helps you verify that the money is being transferred to the right amount. In case these details do not match, you can stop the payment from going forward.

These factors make the Airtel Payments bank one of the safest ways of transferring money. To get Safepay, you can link your Airtel Payments Bank account with your Airtel mobile number, and following this, you need to head to the Airtel Thanks App for enabling Safepay through the payments tab.

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