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Without TEC Approval Consultant, You Can’t Import Telecom Products


TEC license, the permit to import telecom product in India is one that seen by few as the most important license of all. Look at India, it’s dream of digital transformation rests on the shoulders of telecom technology. And without the right equipment, that dream cannot be fulfilled. That’s why it’s the most important business permit to have right now. 

However, many still attempt to get the license by their own self. Why? It’s not like a layman knows the intricacies of the license. It’s not like the notifications are TEC certificate are available online. Then why do people try.. and fail in their attempt of getting the license. The reason is simple for this one.

It’s the lack of trust. Because of an influx in the market of business consultants, they believe that most will try to frisk money from them instead of providing assistance. They are not to blame in this regard. 

However, in order to quell the attempts of you laymen out there, who believe that you can get the license by yourself, we are here to say you can’t. TEC Certificate process doesn’t involve a simple filing of application. There are other unknown and unspoken nuances that you’re not aware of that you have to keep in mind. 

So, here is why without TEC approval consultant, you can’t get the license to import telecom products. 

How to get TEC certificate to import telecom product?

The process of TEC certification registration is not a simple one. Some of things that you need to know before applying for it are:

  1. You can’t register yourself as a user through simple online registration. The process involves documents. 
  2. The documents that you attach to the application should be put in the right order and should be signed by an authorized signatory. 
  3. Each and every telecom equipment’s independent testing report should be available with you at the time you file the application. 

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So, here are the steps of the TEC Certificate Process

  • First, you have to create a user profile at the TEC portal. To apply for a profile, you need to upload the following document in addition to entering your username and password:
  • Authorization letter to authorize an Original Equipment Manufacturer from India. 
  • Authorization letter to authorize an Authorized Indian Representative to file the application on your behalf.
  • After creation of your user profile, you will file the online application form. At the time of filing the application, you’ll attach the following documents when you’re asked:
  • Test report from an BIS accredited lab.
  • Certificate of incorporation of your company 
  • Technical details of the product 
  • Manufacturing license of the product from the country of origin. 
  •  Submission of online application is just going to inform the TEC of your intention to get the TEC certificate. To actually apply for the license, you need to down the printout of the filled application. Package it together with the telecom equipment and send it to the Telecommunication Engineering Centre. 
  • The TEC shall assess the application along with running test on the equipment sample that you sent. 

In the end, you’ll obtain the license based on whether or not you’ve followed all the steps correctly. 

Where does the TEC approval consultant comes in?

All the steps that I have stated, is not for a layman to follow. Not unless:

  1. You know a BIS accredited lab. 
  2. You know of a CA who can become your Authorized Signatory
  3. You know someone who can act as your AIR. 

That AIR is actually a consultant. It would be his or her job to help you acquire the TEC certificate via apply online. Furthermore, the department might ask for extra details – information that you might not know about at the time. In those instances, it’s the TEC consultants that would come for your rescue. 

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