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WPC ETA Certificate A Complete Guide

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WPC ETA Certificate is a WPC issued license to import wireless products in India. There are three things that you should know about it:

  • It’s quite difficult to acquire
  • The process to obtain it is both online and offline, and
  • It’s not applicable on all the products.

There is also a 4th matter that you should know about it; most importers don’t know about it. It’s one of those certifications that government wasn’t much concerned with in the past. However, ever since the pandemic hit and people started relying on wireless products for “working from home”, it was forced to reintroduce the ETA license (another name for ETA certificate).

While the license is old, the perspective around it is fresh and new. Thus, through this article, Registrationwala is going to give you a complete guide.

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What is WPC NOC Certificate?

WPC stands for Wireless Planning Commission. It’s a wing of Department of Telecommunication tasked with overseeing the quality of wireless products in India. It’s the Commission’s job to:

  • Ensure that the wireless products are working within permitted frequency bands
  • Ensuring that quality of these products is as per the Telecom regulatory standards.
  • Ensuring that the radio frequency emission of these products is not damaging to the people.
  • Ensuring that the products aren’t working at frequencies that can interfere with other equipment.

To ensure that the imported products follow all of the above points, it issues the WPC NOC certificate, another term for ETA certificate.

What is The Process to Acquire ETA Certificate in India?

Following is the procedure to acquire the obtain the ETA, the license to import telecom products in India:

  • Get the product tested by an independent lab
  • Go the website and create a WPC ETA login
  • File the ETA license application form
  • Submit the required documents at the website
  • Take a printout of the application. Attach it with the hardcopies of the documents.
  • Submit the docs at the ETA license branch in your state

Once you’ve delivered the hard copies, WPC gets into action and tests your product. If the product works within the parameters set by the Telecom department, and the applications and the documents you’ve submitted are in the right order, you’ll be issued an ETA license.

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The documents that you’re going to be attaching your application are as follows:

  • Test report of the product
  • Letter authorizing an authorized Indian representative
  • Duly filled application form
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • IEC code
  • Technical details of the product

Not All Products are Covered Under WPC ETA Certificate

Following are the two cases under which your product won’t be certified or need certification from WPC. They are as follows

  • If the product is manufactured in India
  • If the product already works at approved frequencies.


ETA certificate is an approval to import wireless products. You only need in the case if the product doesn’t work at an approved frequency. To get hold of that information, reach out to WPC ETA consultants. We can help you in this regard and will also help you get the certification on time.

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