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The Best Design Sofa To Buy In India

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Are you planning to buy a sofa for your reception area? There are numerous choices of sofa sets online when it comes to buying for the office area. You want your visitors to relax at the waiting corner. So, why not have a sofa set that gives them peace and a good view of your reception premises. Sofas are among the most important purchases you can make for your home or office premises, and they should be eye-catching, comfortable, and long-lasting. With so many options to choose from, you want to be sure you’re getting a high-quality sofa that’s worth the expense and requirements. While buying the best sofa set online visit maximum furniture stores and check all the categories and available products.

So here is the list of best sofa sets that you can buy in India for your reception area.

  • Pearce padded sofa

The Pearce padded sofa is one of the most purchased office sofa sets. There are endless options with this couch, as you can choose the fabric, colour, and shape, and you can even build your own couch or sectional so it can fit into any space. Additionally, sleeper sofas and leather sofas are available with a memory foam mattress. When it comes to the sofa for office reception, this is the best option available online.

  • The Darcy Sofa

So you want your visitors to have a stylish look at your reception area? As you look to buy a top-notch sofa set, this one is a perfect choice. This sofa is one-tenth the price of other top-rated sofas. Choose from multiple colours, and find coordinating pieces like sectionals, loveseats, recliners, ottomans, and more if you want more than just a sofa. These inexpensive couches have a minimal design but still, look stylish with the decor.

  • Satin Sofa

Comfortable, deep seating makes this seating style excellent for lounging. This sofa comes in three different widths: 83-inch, 93-inch, and 105-inch versions and smaller, shorter models with multiple seat options. Plus, there are countless fabric options to choose from, like stain resistance. Comfy and built to last, this fabric sofa is ideal for couch potatoes.

  • The Ektorp Sofa

If you know you’re going to make a mess, the easy-to-launder slipcover on this best sofa set is removable for easy cleaning. Back cushion seats are reversible, so you can swap them if you want. Other sizes include the loveseat and sectional. This fabric sofa set is inexpensive and easy to clean. The Ektorp Sofa set is easily available on various online furniture stores in India.

  • Spin Modern Tufted Sofa

The modern yet simple branded sofa set online comes in three sizes and comes with a matching chair and ottoman. It leans back slightly, not too firm, and more profound than average. Eight different colour and fabric combinations are all ready to ship. This can be a perfect choice as a sofa for office reception and surely it will give your visitors a grand welcome.

  • Sleeper Sofa

If you prefer not to deal with the hassle of a pullout sofa, consider getting a reclining sofa bed. A multi-position couch looks like a regular sofa but reclines or flattens out to accommodate overnight guests. Neutral and bright velvet fabrics are available. This is the perfect option when you want to buy a sofa cum bed.

  • Andes-Sofa

Apart from the sleeper sofa set option, this one is another perfectly made sofa cum bed. The seating depth of this couch is 25 inches, but you can choose an extra-deep 31-inch version. There are many options in terms of colour and upholstery. If you are looking for a deeper seat or a contemporary sofa, it’s ideal.

  • Three-Seat Sofa

This sofa set comes in multiple boxes and is great for anyone who frequently moves or has limited space to accommodate someone else. Pick from seven polyester performance fabric colours or two for leather, and then choose three wood leg colours. Loveseat and sectional sizes are available, and you can also purchase accessories (pillows or an ottoman).

  • Sven-Sofa

This popular style incorporates a tufted bench seat, a sturdy and luxurious back, and two rounded bolsters for the finished look. This collection provides various fabrics and colours, including tweed, leather, and velvet, and coordinating furniture. To complete the room, the Sitka Sofa is a necessary addition. If what you’re ordering is in stock, delivery times will vary.

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These are some of the best sofa sets available online in India. When planning to buy a sofa cum bed online in India check various options and different stores. Check your budget and keep your other requirements always high while shopping for a sofa.

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