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Does Social Media Motivate or Discourage You To Work Out?

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Social networking is like a craze in this 21st century. Whoever you come across with has at least 2 social media accounts = Facebook and Whatsapp. However, there have been shreds of evidence that excessive use of social media is affecting the studies or lifestyle of young students.

But do you know that social media also negatively impacts the workout regime of individuals? Sounds weird, but yeah, it’s true. I agree that social media motivates people to work out in many ways. But the extent of demotivation or discouragement is also quite significant. Several research papers have also found out that uncontrolled use of social media upsets the well-being of people.

Do you want to know whether social media motivates or discourages you from working out? Read the guide till the end to get more insights:

Does Social Media Encourage Or Discourage To Work Out?

It’s quite a common question that comes to our mind – whether social media encourages or discourages working out. I know you are looking for a clear answer, but unfortunately, there isn’t any. To be very specific, social media has both positive and negative effects on people’s motivation towards working out. For instance, by seeing body fitness posts, workout clothes, fitness journeys, people tend to get motivated to work out.

On the other hand, by spending more time on social media, people may skip fitness classes and avoid workouts. Also, seeing fitness posts might create a negative image of one’s own body. This results in a reluctance to work out.

So you see, social media has dual effects when it comes to motivation or discouragement to work out.

How Does Social Media Discourage You to Work Out?

Out of all the negative effects of social media, one of the most complex ones is discouragement towards working out. It is because it directly affects your health and well-being. This, in turn, affects your mental health as well.

Have you ever felt ignorant towards going to the gym or working out due to a scheduled Whatsapp video call with your friends? Or did you stop all of a sudden while you were about to complete 500 rounds of cycling just because you saw an incredibly funny meme? I think you can relate to this as it’s a pretty much common problem for a huge section of people in society.

Social media truly discourages or demotivates people from working out properly! Wanna know more in detail? Read the points mentioned in the next section:

●    Waste Of Time

The interest or urge to work out might get lost if you spend a lot of time on social media. For example, scrolling the newsfeed or chatting over a long time would make you too lazy to go to the gym.

●    Creates Distraction

Social media is also quite a large distraction, and it might drive your interest away from working out. For instance, imagine you are doing the last set of your push up, and all of a sudden, a notification arrives from Instagram. Ignoring the push-ups, you started checking the notifications…. This happens, right? This is the distraction I am talking about.

●    Develops Negative Body Image

The social media mascot memes on fitness may also create a sense of negativity with your own body. This reduces the interest to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How To Overcome The Discouragement?

I understand you are feeling demotivated and upset about your loss of interest in workouts. Anyway, this is frightening and depressing at the same time. But thank yourself for being able to identify the challenge with you. Not many people have this capability!

First of all, do not worry. I know it’s quite natural to be anxious at his time, but sit back and take a deep breath. Follow the below points that would surely help you recover from this phase:

  • There is nothing called Perfect: At first, get this very well that nothing is perfect in this world. Neither you, nor me, or not anyone else. If you are feeling demotivated towards working out because of social media, then it’s just a simple flaw. Millions of other people in the world might be dealing with this at the same time.
  • Give Yourself Time: If you want changes to come overnight, then let me tell you, it’s never going to happen. Take time, and understand that every personality is different. Think minutely about what your personality trait is and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Proceed With Plans: Once you have jotted down what you can do and what you cannot, start making plans accordingly. For example, if you love to do squats or run on a treadmill in your free time, then be routine-specific. Furthermore, make healthy regimes regarding the use of weight loss supplements.
  • Use Social Media Productively: I would never suggest switching off your phone for 18 hours out of 24 hours; that would be too ridiculous. Rather, you can use social media in a unique way to motivate yourself to work out.

For example – by watching the famed influencers’ fitness journey, sneak peek of the world-class gyms, demo classes of coaches, and weight watchers diet. These would not only boost you up for working out but also enable you to frame a healthy fitness routine for the future.

  • Do Not Give Up: Last but not least, do not lose hope. Success is not a cup of tea for all. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work to make it a reality. Even if you are on the verge of losing patience and giving up, DON’T! Hold on to that single ray of expectation, and you would surely be able to succeed.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, social media is something that keeps the world active and connected every moment. However, negative impacts like this are definitely concerning and need to be addressed as soon as possible. However, the majority of this responsibility belongs to the “social media victim.” If he or she tries to overcome this mesh or takes help from counselors, it is possible to get back into a healthy, normal life.

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