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Even if you consider yourself a pro at wiring homes, you may still be unaware of a few tips and tricks. Years of experience are required to learn the art of wiring correctly. It is also a very important part of a hoe and the family living in it because a slightly minor fault could turn into a huge accident. So, you have to be careful while you fix the wiring in a home. Things like straightening the wire, labeling the different types of wires may make your job easier.

Make Sure You Straighten the Wire First

If you are able to straighten the wire first you can easily pull it through the plastic-covered cable. You can do this by using the method as you would while throwing the rope. So, lift up a few coils first then throw them across the floor. Then you need to walk alongside the wire to straighten any curves. For organized storage, you may use the wire in a plastic wrapper.

The Electrical Box Should Be Neat and Tidy

An over-packed electrical box is one of the major problems when it comes to electrical wiring. You need to ensure that the box is kept tidy and organized. Firstly, collect any bare ground wires that run along with the pigtail and connect them with each other. You should then neatly fold them and place them on the backside of the box leaving the pigtail hanging. For the neutral wire, you may also use a similar technique. However, while connecting switches you will not require a neutral pigtail. For the hot wire, leave it extending and wrap it across the electrical wire box at the bottom.

Remove the Plastic for the Underground Feeder Cable

With the sheathing in an underground feeder cable, it is easier for you to buy it in the ground without having a channel to run it through. However, it is also extremely time-consuming to remove the sheath. With an easy strategy, you may be able to do that quicker. Use the pliers to twist and separate the black and white wires from the copper. Keep doing it until you have a foot-long piece of separated wires. Then take another pair of pliers and grab the ends of the wire and pull them apart. Once you get the wires separated at the top you can then use scissors or a knife for the rest.

Figure Out the Fish Tape Easily

Let’s face it, working out the destination of the fish tape is a complicated job. However, it gets frustrating if the wire gets lost or the tape sticks to something that is inside the wall. You can prevent these from happening with a simple trick. Strip almost 8 inches from a cable length. Then cut out one wire with the help of side cutters. However, you should cut at a sharp angle so it does not get caught on something. Use the fish tape to bend the wire-specific wire around the loop and secure it with electrical tape after forming a neat bundle.

Keep Important Electrical Tools Handy

If you are keen on doing the home electrical wiring yourself you should be aware of the important tools that you should always have in your home. For example glow rods and flex bits. These tools are recommended while working with fishing wires. For drilling holes in places that are hard to reach flex bits are a good tool. They usually come in two different lengths are 5 feet and 6 feet, however, you can always get extensions if you wish to. To start fishing wire use a glow rod through the hole. Then attach the wire to the eyelet and pull it through. If you are working in the dark then glow rods are an excellent tool as they glow in the dark.

Learn Wire Identification

You can save yourself some hassle during installation by identifying them during the process. Usually, the wires have a code that is made by an electrician which you can learn too. However, if have not then you may use the label at the bottom to identify them. Most of the time these labels are often not visible due to things like tapers, paint, or drywallers. In that case, it is better to choose a wire that has non-label coding. You can have your own system to identify the line and the load so you do not have to do it again.

Final Thoughts

Home electrical wiring is a crucial part of any home. It is important to keep the electrical appliances in the home running and up-to-date. Any glitch could have serious consequences. While it is recommended that you hire a professional for such tasks but if you are fixing the wiring system yourself you should be extremely careful.

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