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Practical Tips To Protect Your Eyes

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Even with the best prescription safety glasses, your eyes could still suffer from preventable injuries. At-home tasks or on-the-job hazards can be equally damaging if you do not protect your eyes at every turn. Learn practical tips on protecting your eyes and where to shop for the best selection of safety eyewear on the web.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Wearing protective eyewear isn’t the only way to keep your eyes healthy and happy. Maintaining a well-balanced diet will also help keep your eyes fit as a fiddle. Foods high in essential vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids help maintain and repair macular health.

Steer Clear of Drugs and Cigarettes

Avoid drugs and cigarettes to keep your eyes in top health. Drugs, including the nicotine from cigarettes, can cause macular degeneration and cataracts. Nicotine is also the culprit of dry, often irritated, and itchy eyes.

Check at Least Every Other Year

Some optometrists and insurance companies have since determined that eye exams are only required every other year. However, if you have any vision problems that include drastic changes in sight or focusing, an annual exam is still ideal for communicating concerns with your optometrist.

Get Corrective Eyewear if Necessary

Prescription eyewear is the best way to prevent accidents, injuries, and additional damages. Most people who need corrective eyewear suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some version of a combination. Further, not seeing or focusing can cause a host of other challenging problems.

Properly Care for Contact Lenses

While some prefer glasses, others thrive with contact lenses. Regularly change contacts according to manufacturer warranty and follow directions on the package for use. When wearing contact lenses, always be sure to clean your hands before and after applying contacts.

Wear Standard or Prescription Safety Glasses

Glasses are easy to put on and easy to take off. They can be a pain for swimming and the occasional roller coaster ride, but they are lightweight and make it easy to see and prevent injuries for most everything else.

Monitor Your Screen Time

The constantly moving frames on the computer can be torture for your eyes. Facial fatigue and macular tension can cause head and eye aches. Dryness and strain are common complaints from people who spend long periods in front of screens. Limit screen time and take breaks as often as possible for best results.

Keep Make-Up Updated

Make-up is a fun way to add elements of color and depth to enhance facial features. Unfortunately, make-up can also be dangerous for your eyes if not correctly applied and stored. Only use make-up that is not expired and never share your make-up with others.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and UV Rays

Prescription safety glasses and standard glasses often come with UV protection. Avoiding direct light can protect your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays that are damaging. Even if you are a contact lens wearer, wearing protective eyewear is especially important to safeguard your eyes from long-term damage.

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