How to Choose Earrings According to The Shape of Your Face Online?


Earrings are the new flex these days. A woman wearing beautiful earrings catches anyone’s eye. Earrings can make you look more adorable and pretty. But while choosing a perfect Earring for yourself, you need to make sure of some factors. First of all, there are hundreds of designs when it comes to earrings. Earrings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs these days. And one should be aware that every design or shape may not look good on you. Today we will discuss this topic. How to Choose Earrings according to the Shape of Your Face!

Let’s begin now and get answers to all your questions.

We all are Different! And So Are Our Faces!

Surely, we all are different and unique in ourselves. But when it comes to our faces there are certain types of it. We all have different physical features and according to that, we have different shapes of faces. Now, why is that so important? It’s because you need to have earrings of a complementary shape or design concerning your face shape. So, let’s get to know about what kind of earrings you should choose according to the shape of your face.

The shape of the Face & Earrings:

Round Shape

Round Shape – If you have a round shape face, then you should be going for a long piece of earrings. A beautiful long design of Earring will enhance your best feature and will make you look really beautiful and pretty.

Oval Shape

Oval Shape – Oval Shaped face is a face that can have any type of earring and will look crazily amazing in it. Oval shaped face can go with almost every design, length, and type of Earring. So if you have an Oval Shaped face, then just have a beautiful Collection of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry full of fashionable Earrings, and your job is done.

Heart Shape

Heart Shape – It is said that people having Heart Shaped faces have a Heart of Gold and for such people, the advice would be to find an Earring of a similar shape only.Just like the way our heart is, narrow from the top and wide from the bottom. For example, Triangle Shaped Earrings are currently in high trend. These kinds of Simple Earrings give an extremely impactful look and the best part is it goes with your professional look too. So go for shapes like triangles or other designs of such shapes.

Rectangular Shape

Rectangular Shape – If you have a Rectangular Shaped face then the best choice of Earrings for you will be to have small studded earrings. Since the Rectangular face shape is often long in itself, you should avoid lengthy designs. Instead go for short, compact, and gemstone earrings. These will make your face more attractive and will have good effects on your attire too.

Square Shape

Square Shape – People having Square shaped faces should be going for Loopy designs of Earrings. However, talking about length, you have the advantage of going for both short and long earrings. But to compliment your square face it can be great to go for medium-sized earrings. Regarding shapes, one should prefer Circular and Oval shapes as they can give you a very clean and unique look.

It’s not possible to not talk about Gemstone Jewelry when it comes to Earrings. Gemstone Earrings have become a very heated choice in the market. The reason behind this is that the raw colors of gemstones make you look classy and stunning at the same moment. It makes you have a mesmerizing effect on everyone around you.

Let’s get to know about some beautiful Gemstone Earring Collections here-

Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone Earrings – Moonstone as a gemstone only is very auspicious. It has got high value and importance in itself. The White shade of Moonstone with a combination of Shining Sterling Silver is worth-watching Jewelry. It works with almost every kind of attire and is a perfect choice to go for.

Garnet Earring

Garnet Earring– Just imagine the wine-red color of Garnet Gemstone over a beautifully designed earring, it’s a treat for the eyes. That too if you’re wearing it over a matching modern dress. Garnet Jewelry is famous because of its dark red color which makes a deep impression on you.

Peridot Earring

Peridot Earring – The great famous Egyptian gemstone which is highly popular because of its Freshly Green color is a top choice when it comes to gemstone jewelry. If you’re buying Peridot Jewelry, one thing is guaranteed you will have a look out of this world and others will have no match for you.

Tanzanite Earring

Tanzanite Earring– Whenever you’re going for Tanzanite Jewelry, one thing you should have in mind is having a good combination of attire to it. Because its Dark blue Violet shade isn’t a color that will go with every other cloth. It’s a highly specific and special gemstone earring that is made for very special occasions only.

Aquamarine Earring

Aquamarine Earring – Aquamarine gemstone is a very peaceful gemstone in itself. Its sky-blue color is very pure, healthy, and has positive vibes and thus it will help you have a very charming personality anywhere. It can make you look very confident and clear.

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