ISP License in India

ISP License in India: Facts to Know When Applying


The pandemic times have separated us physically, but the need of connection is still there. This need is satisfied by the presence of internet services. As the lockdown periods are extended, so is the need of internet services. The current internet market is finding it hard to keep up with this pandemic-induced rise in demand of internet. Thus, we are now seeing a rise in seekers of ISP License in India.

If you’re one of the seekers, these are the facts to know when applying for ISP license in India.

Fact 1: You Can’t Get The License on an Individual Basis

If you’re someone who has been enamored by the opportunities internet services can bring, one of the greatest mistakes you can make is rushing towards the license on your own. When it comes to ISP license, India has specific rules regarding it. One of them is that no individual shall be granted the license. The reasons that are not-given, but are quite apparent are as follows:

  1. Internet is a complex business which can’t be trusted on a single individual.
  2. The complexity of internet services call for a need of multiple experts.
  3. If there is only one person to provide internet services, the accountability will decrease.

The common denominator in the above points is that one person can’t provide internet services. You need multiple individuals running an internet business by signing an agreement. And such business can only be started by an institution.

Fact 2: A Company is an Institution That Provides Internet Services

A private or a public limited company are considered efficient to run an internet business. Thus, the Indian government has answered the question – how to get this license in Indiakeeping in mind that the complexity of the internet services, the management of the infrastructure needed, and the ISP cost in India can only be managed by a company.

So, incorporate a private limited company whose objective is to provide internet services when applying for the ISP license.

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Fact 3: The License Process is Both Offline and Online

There has always been a dispute about whether the ISP license application can be filed online. Well, let’s finally answer you this question. It’s possible to get ISP license via online registration.  However, It’s only half of the process. Once you’re done filing the application, the Departments asks requirements from you that you can only fulfil through offline mode. This hands on approach that comes later in the process does two things:

  1. It lets you correctly fulfil the requirements asked by the department.
  2. It lets you keep an eye on the progress of your application.

Fact 3: Consultants Can Provide You All Kinds of ISP License Services

While you need a hands-on approach when getting the license, we are not expecting YOU to be the one approaching – physically visiting the Department. An ISP license consultant is paid to provide this particular service. Whether you need to file the online application, or you need someone to pay a physical visit to the department to check the progress on the application, an ISP consultant can help.

Fact 4: The ISP License Cost Involves a Lot More Than Just The Processing Fee

Whenever people discuss the ISP license fee, they often have a misconception that it’s only the processing fee that they need to worry about. However, that’s not the case. the ISP license price you pay include the following:

  1. The ISP license fees you pay at the time of application filing, and
  2. The bank guarantees you have to submit to get the license issued to you.

While the processing fee is low, it’s the bank guarantees that many ISPs might mind unaffordable. But that’s the reality of this situation – an ISP license is only issued to someone who has the financial stability to provide services for a long run.


Before applying for the ISP license in India, you need to understand your current position. As an individual, you can’t obtain the registration, but as an institution, you can do so. But, that institution should also be financially stable enough to provide internet services. The DOT doesn’t issue this license to just anyone because during these pandemic times, only the most serious ISPs can to cater to the increased demand of virtual connections.

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