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Exploring the Largest Cities of Western Canada

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Western Canada can feel like it stretches on for eons, which is awesome for those who love the area. From the beautiful mountain ranges to the gorgeous sea views and deep luscious forests: it’s hard to ignore how magical this portion of the country is. It’s not just nature and wildlife that make it amazing, though! Everything is even better when you remember that this area has some of the largest cities in the country.

These are the largest cities in Western Canada, and why everyone is dying to move out here.

Why Western Canada is Different

Western Canada feels like a completely different country from Eastern Canada. Not only do you get to enjoy the mountainous views and incredible beaches: but even the cities are made different. From how they work to how they party, these cities offer everyone the opportunity to live out their dreams.

These are the top cities in Western Canada.


Also known as the Dallas of Canada, Calgary offers everyone here the opportunity to have a little cowboy with their city living. This goes beyond the Calgary Stampede and the incredible events the area provides: even the food and pop culture on the site has a little twang to it. Buying one of the many beautiful Calgary homes for sale means you get to keep a little cowboy in your heart for as long as you want it.


This cute city is the smallest on this list, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! Charming and art-centered, Victoria feels like a slice of paradise that was pulled out of the ocean. From the fresh food and incredible culture to the huge art community and fantastic locals, you’ll love getting to know every inch of this city. Half of it is surrounded by endless ocean views and great beaches, and the other half is hushed by deep and luscious forests that are world-famous. You’ll love Victoria on sight.


There’s nothing quite like Edmonton when it comes to Western Canadian cities. This fantastic city feels like a utopia of art and incredible culture. Although it’s physically closest to Calgary, it feels like a long-lost sibling of Victoria. There’s a thriving job market, amazing chances at entrepreneurship, and wonderful pop-up shops and festivals that ensure that every day is different and you’ll never run out of magic in your daily life.


The most expensive city in the nation: Vancouver, is a beauty that can’t be overlooked. From its high pay, extremely high housing costs, mild winters, and proximity to the skiing and snowboarding paradise of Whistler, this city has anything for anyone. Although it can be a little noisy, and housing is hard to get a handle on unless you’re making a ton of money or you have several roommates: it’s worth it to enjoy the most interesting city in the nation.

Traveling Here Can Be Beyond Inspiring

When traveling, consider making a stop in any of these cities! They’re all stunning and interesting and will let you leave with stories that will inspire others to travel here.

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