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Quick-to-Whip Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows Easily at Home

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Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows Easily at Home

Quick-to-Whip Remedies to Lighten Knees and Elbows Easily at Home : We all wish for an even-toned body at some point of time, especially during the summer. Shorts and cut sleeves often make us realize that maybe we are way too much exposure to the sun. Well, no matter how much you love that perfect tan on your skin, the same sun might be the reason for uneven pigmentation that peeps out clearly in the areas like elbows and knees. Well, hyperpigmentation is a common problem, especially in tropical areas where the sun is direct and merciless. 

Summers can be harsh on the skin & one of the main reasons for hyperpigmentation. Usually, elbows and knees are the main victims of pigmentation, and these areas can be darker than the rest of the body. We often see tv stars and their perfectly even-toned bodies, which makes us question how come they don’t get affected with this? I can understand if you envy them for having such an even-toned body. But to be honest, neither the tv stars have such a flawless body, nor you need to stick with hyperpigmentation forever.

Yes, hyperpigmentation is just skin’s defence mechanism, and one can completely reverse the effects of it. If you are too concerned about the colour of your elbows and knees, you don’t need to worry any further because there are ways to work on it. You don’t need any fancy creams that claim to lighten the complexion, nor do you require to go under the knife. I’m talking about completely natural ways like order flowers online or maybe some plants because natural ingredients like flowers and plants are proven to be very effective in dealing with hyperpigmentation. Let me tell you some natural ingredients and how to use them.


If you are someone who relies on natural products when it comes to applying things to the skin, then you will know that potato is majorly used in so many skin concerns. One of the best uses of potato is for curing dark circles. You must have seen people recommending or applying pieces of potato to their eyes to deal with dark circles. This is because the potato is one main ingredient that is useful in lightening and brightening the skin.

It contains starch which is a powerful bleaching agent, so it will show effective results on your elbow and knees. Cut a potato into thin pieces and gently rub it on the darker areas of your body for at least 10 minutes. Then let it rest for another five minutes & wash away with warm water. 

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Hibiscus Flowers

Amongst the flowers, hibiscus is known for its benefits in skincare and haircare. You will find hibiscus in tons of home remedies. So, this time, you are dealing with hyperpigmentation, and again the answer is hibiscus. Infact, due to the presence of AHA’s in this flower, it is considered an instant remedy.

Also, there are other citric and malic acids in this flower that nourish the cells of the skin and revamp the color and texture of the skin. So, you can get rid of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and any type of discoloration, if you get a bouquet delivery and apply the paste of the same. 

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is mind-blowing for your skin and hair. Numerous sources have stated this fact due to its property to benefit your skin from various perspectives. Aloe vera is a notable plant that battles hyperpigmentation and relieves troubled skin. This time, it’s for your other more obscure parts like knees, elbows, and underarms that often pray to hyperpigmentation. It makes your knees and elbows lighter by improving the skin tone and getting it against the frightful UV radiates, which influence the shade of the skin.

Take an aloe vera leaf and spoon out the gel present inside. Consider this gel an enchantment elixir for the skin you had always wanted. Use this gel on your knees & elbows for around 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. Follow this multiple times each day. It will definitely show results in some time. 

These are some kitchen ingredients that help to lighten knees and elbows.

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