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Research Paper Writing- A complete step by step comprehensive guide you must follow

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Studying in a college or university comes with bundles of assignments and on-time submission of tasks. If you are studying at a college then you might be facing bombardment of the assignments that require extreme researches and studies.

Those who are pursuing their studies at the college level or the university level, they once have to submit the research based paper before graduating. It is the requirement of the respective academic level in order to get the degree.

Let’s keep the focus over the assignments that involve writing in it!

Well, I know, writing an assignment is pretty daunting and intimidating to a lot of us. It can become the most stressful task if you have never done it ever before.


Before hoping to the guide of how to write a research paper, this is very necessary to know what research paper is!

A research paper is a written document of academic writing. It is the reflective analysis, interpretation, and an argument based over the deep and all independent research. Keep in mind, research paper is the type of work where you are all alone to sail your ship till the end.

You can understand the research paper as an academic essay, but the research paper are more detailed, defined, and you have to put your scholarly skills at the real test. While drafting an academic research paper, you have to demonstrate a strong and commendable knowledge over the chosen topic.

Writing a research paper is definitely not easy! Students have to engage with a diverse range of resources and have to make an authentic and genuine contribution to the research. As research writing is a complex assignment that is why students opt to go with research paper writing service to get good grades.

Also, the burden of assignments is way too huge for the students to manage and this leads them towards the online assistances.


If you are not good at writing and feel scared to take a start, take a break and deep breathe and then and hear me out!

I have compiled a comprehensive and detailed guide for you that would walk you through the essentials of drafting an effective and authentic research paper.

A lot of students are scared to take a step on their own and they take the help of assignment writing services which leads them to nicer grades, but here this guide would help you to do the research paper on your own!

The below written process is entirely all enough that you must follow to get good grades in research paper. Let’s dive in.

Understanding the assignment thoroughly:

Understanding the assignment properly is the main and most crucial part of the assignment. If you are unable to understand what the teacher is asking, you fail right at the first step and your whole hard work would go in vein. Make sure that you get the question properly. Read it out a couple of times, highlight the important areas and then start working.

Select the topic for your research:

When it is about the selection of topic, a lot of students get on to a wrong track and end up choosing a complicated and tough topic for their research. Make sure to find a topic that is relevant to your course and is relating to the question of instructor as well. Once you find a broad subject area, narrow it down to the topic of your interest.

Conduct an extensive research:

Whatever the relevant studies, researches, and material you find over the internet related to your topic, start making its notes. Make sure to use a variety of resources into your research paper so that it turns out to be an authentic and genuine piece of contribution. Also, make sure that you aren’t missing any important point from your topic research.

Develop the thesis statement:

Developing a thesis statement can be daunting but stay alert and sharp at the same time. This thesis statement is going to be the central argument and your whole research paper would revolve around it. Thesis statement must be concise, contentious, and coherent. Here, you have to summarize your whole research in just one or two sentences.

Craft an outline of research paper:

Outlining the research paper is the most essential part to which you must pay a keen attention. It is a list of the topics, arguments, and the evidence that you are about to include in your research paper. The structure of outline can make the process of writing way so easy so make sure to do the outlining early.

It’s the time to write:

After getting everything on your table, finally it is the time to write. Get into the process of writing the first draft of your work. This could be messy and neatness would be absent.  But this is the very first attempt so it is fine. Just try to maintain the momentum and pay a keen attention to your sentences and phrases.

Compelling body of the text:

At this section, you have to compile all your researches and studies together. Check the transition of your sentences and the structure of your paragraphs. Your thesis must be clarified and your work must be authentic. You have to come up with a powerful introduction and compelling conclusion as well.

Wrapping the written draft into the final copy:

Wrap up the work into final copy and go for a final draft. This draft should be neat, clean, and authentic. No extra work is needed to be done in the research paper or else it will look way too bombarded. Do not include any new arguments or else your paper will not be considered.

Edit the content and go for proofreading:

After wrapping up all the work, it is the time to go for the editing and proofreading of your research paper. Do check out that there is no silly grammatical or spelling error in the research paper. The research paper need concentration, I agree. Re-read your paper again and again and then go for the submission.


With the help of this definitive guide, you would be able to come up with an outstanding research paper. You just have to pay a lot of attention and concentration to your work. Also, your dedicated efforts must be reflected in your work! Incorporate these tips to craft an authentic research paper at your any academic level!

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