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Top 5 Apps to Explore in 2024

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Undoubtedly, this era is all about the exponential development of technology. Businesses need mobile apps and digital marketing strategies to stay afloat in the industry, and entertainment is unimaginable without gadgets. Thus, we cannot opt-out of technology even if we badly want to.

Whether it is business, personal communication, shopping, entertainment, or even studies, there is nothing that the mobile app industry has not tapped into. From a simple alarm clock or a reminder app to the language learning ones, countless apps are available across both platforms (Android and iOS) that make our lives easier.

Rise of the Technology

Of course, nothing comes without its sets of pros and cons. While there are numerous pros of mobile apps that make every minute of our lives worth it and valuable, it also comes with a few cons. We have become quite familiar with the word scam and how it endangers our cyber security in this time of internet revolution.

According to the FBI’s official 2018 report, internet crimes and frauds accounted for approximately $2.7 billion in financial losses in 2018.

These scams or internet frauds often happen under the façade of some unusual tax, fee, or non-existing service. Mostly, scams happen in such small amounts that users tend to overlook them. However, ethical practice binds companies and businesses to address these tricky matters with due diligence on time.

One of the prime examples is the AirG reality. Lately, numerous Vodafone subscribers have faced a big internet scam known as cramming. It is when some minimal unusual and unjust fee is added to the users’ billing without their approval. Vodafone users were unwillingly and unknowingly charged for AirG chat services. However, as should happen, AirG handled the matter in time and reversed the charges accordingly.

Top 5 Apps to Explore in 2022

User patterns and behaviors evolve over time. Mobile app developers have to keep up with the changing trends and consumer behaviors. Given that 2020 massively changed how the world operated, 2021 was an essential year for the app development industry. We are halfway through 2022, and the user behaviors have changed drastically. Let us see which apps you need to explore this year in 2022.

1. TikTok

TikTok has enjoyed a prime position in the list of top apps for two years. If you have not heard about or subscribed yet, 2022 is the year to explore this app. Experts assert that TikTok is one of the most prominent digital markets in the mobile industry. Hundreds of small businesses use TikTok for raising brand awareness and marketing.

This app’s most significant attractive marketing featureis the short videos. It eliminates the need to sit and watch long videos of brands and businesses convincing potential customers to purchase items.

Another most significant feature of this top app to explore in 2022 is the creativity index of its content. A large-scale Nielsenstudy reveals that the TikTok creators feel 100% authentic when creating content on TikTok. It results in the most diverse and creative content shared on this platform.

2. Pocket Casts

With the evolution of genuinely creative content across all the social media platforms, creators have turned to reaching out through podcasts as well. Therefore, Pocket Casts is the second top app you need to explore in 2022.

This app is one of the best for managing your preferred podcasts and newly released episodes. It suggests other podcasts based on your history and choice while also queuing your episodes for downloading or listening on the go.

The most appreciated feature of this app isthat it keeps checking for the latest episodesof your subscribed channels and adds them to the list for your convenience. It also offersoptions for playback skipping, silence trimming, and jumping to chapters.

3. Duolingo

With the world excessively shrinking to fit into a gadget’s screen, businesses and companies require global operations and reach. For this, they need a workforce that is fluent in numerous languages and works accordingly. Duolingo is the best app for learning any language. It has over 100 courses for learning 20 languages.

Duolingo is undoubtedly the future of this globalized world that requires learning more than one language. This app is the leader in language learning apps as it offers courses with great innovation and the most user-friendly interface.

4. Canva

Social media platforms are all about visuals, photos, and videos. The more you add finishing touches to your photos or videos, the more they catch the users’ attention. It is why Canva is one of the top apps to watch and explore in 2022.

It has hundreds of photo editing features for you to choose from and get your picture ready in merely one minute. Canva has everything you might need to express your creativity, from fancy texts to thousands of illustrations and filters. The best feature is this app’s drag and drop option when editing photos. Changing the background of your picture had never been this easy!

Moreover, Canva also allows you to share your edited pieces directly on social media platforms via the app once you are finished. Another option is to save it in high resolution and share it later.

5. Roblox

Lastly, Roblox is the fifth top app you need to explore in 2022. It is the biggest gaming platform that offers an online gaming platform but what really sets it apart from others is the feature wherein users can create their own games and play them with their peers.

It enhances the users’ creativity while also providing them an authentic platform to earn from their newly created games. Also, users can create games and play with others, making this app suitable for users of all ages. There is a game for every user regardless of their age. As of 2022, Roblox has over 9.5 million developers, and it boosts approximately 73.1 billion hours of total gameplay by the users.

The top feature offered by this app is that game developers can also earn money for their creations. It is the best online gaming platform with a chance to monetize your ideas. Roblox aims to introduce new features and options for developers in 2022, making this app one of the top ones to explore in 2022.

App Trends in 2022

Mobile app developers have to constantly study the users’ behavioral and thinking patterns. It results in an extensive list of points that help point out the trends that will continue or be subjected to change. The current year promises the introduction of 5G for the app developers, in congruence with VR and AR technology.

Also, with immense diversity in gadget types, mobile app developers have to keep up with the trends of foldable and wearable devices. Updating the knowledge of these trends can help mobile app developers create apps that users love to explore.

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