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How Low-Cost Bond Cleaning Can Risk Your Bond Money

How to

Exit cleaning, often known as bond cleaning, is the cleaning or repair of a rented property that is legally required before leaving. This is a needed procedure if the bond money is to be completely reimbursed. You must meet the cleaning criteria if you wish to obtain your entire bond money back with no rental issues. 

Although many people prefer to engage professional bond cleaners, others undertake the work themselves or try very low cost cleaning services in order to save some money. This, however, comes with a huge risk that you could lose your bond money in full or a part of it. 

A very low-cost bond cleaning service is not recommended

Unprecedented expenses

Bond cleaning is very different from regular cleaning because it involves a much more thorough cleaning of your property. In such a situation, it is evident that the regular cleaning supplies will not suffice if we are going to do the bond cleaning at a very low cost.  The different cleaning supplies, along with the necessary equipment can add up to a hefty amount in the end if you are particular about a higher level of cleanliness. Mostly there will be other hidden charges too that you will come to know only when the time is due. At that point, there will be no option but to pay the bill irrespective of how you feel about it. 

Risk of damage

One of the main expenses involved in bond cleaning is experienced and skilled manpower. When we go for a cheap option, there is a good chance that they are going to employ amateurs and thereby causing more issues than they solve. Using the wrong tools and cleaning solutions can damage property in ways we cannot imagine. In most cases, these damages are irreversible and mostly end up in losing your bond. 

Incomplete cleaning

Expert bond cleaners follow an approved checklist of all the areas that need to be cleaned before the final inspection. When we try to do bond cleaning through a very low cost service, not all areas have a uniform level of cleanliness. This is especially true in the case of large properties. Landlords will always scrutinise the property for such spots and they can withhold your bond money in part or in full.

An expert bond cleaning company and team employed would always know where to clean and how to clean. They are well versed with landlord techniques that are used to deny bond money. 

Time and energy-consuming

The criteria for the return of bond money entails that the property must be in absolutely good condition when the tenant moves out. Doing a bond cleaning of the entire property without missing any crucial spot requires a lot of time and energy. Most very low cost providers have no experience or depend on unskilled manpower which will increase the time required and add more workload. There is a good chance the cleaning will still be in progress even though it is time for you to move. 

No guarantee

Cleaning the entire property by a very low cost cleaning service might seem a viable option to some, but one major downside to this is that there cannot be any guarantee that your landlord will be satisfied with the cleaning and will return your bond money in full. 

There is a good chance that they might not have a valid licence, or insurance, and will fail to exhibit professional behaviour and attitude while inside the property. 

Professional bond cleaners, on the other hand, know exactly how to impress your landlord and ensure that you get your bond money back.

Hiring a well-known bond cleaning company that covers all your city and its suburbs can save you from all the difficulties that come with bond cleaning. The experts will handle everything, so you can focus on other important matters. 

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