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10 Games That Help Kids Learn Something New

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Since we’ve all adopted some form of social distance, parents worldwide face various difficulties. However, preparing a Pinterest-inspired home school during a worldwide epidemic is hardly the best use of one’s time.

Having over a decade of experience as an educator, I can safely state that your child’s instructors have resources and knowledge that are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate at this time. Parental responsibilities can include handling other obligations such as working from home and adjusting to life under lockdown.

There’s no need to feel bad about yourself for attempting to provide a well-balanced curriculum that can compete with the programs often given at your child’s school. Children do want at this time, though, a sense of routine and enjoyable activities and games that encourage learning via play.

Instead of attempting to become a teacher overnight, create a flexible timetable that includes plenty of opportunities for children to practice their essential abilities, such as number sense and phonics, via play, music, and role-playing. Schedule peaceful or autonomous playtime for your children when possible so that you may obtain some breathing room or finish your job.

  1. Tate Kids

Tate is a group of four art galleries located in London, Liverpool, and Cornwall, United Kingdom. Tate Kids, a project aimed specifically at children, allows them to participate in free art-related activities and quizzes, receive assistance with art assignments, and even contribute their works!

Additionally, in addition to completing entertaining quizzes, children may assist robots in preserving great artworks in “Art Parts,” designing their landscapes in “My Imaginary City,” and much more! Whatever field of art your child is interested in, they will be able to discover something fascinating, informative, and creative!

  1. Colorfly

What if there aren’t any crayons? Have you run out of pages in your sketchbook? There’s nothing to worry about! A digital coloring book for children of all ages loaded with high-quality illustrations, Colorfy is a fun and educational activity.

Choosing from over 1000 photos to paint, your youngster will have plenty of options, including florals, animals, patterns, gardens, mandalas, well-known paintings, and other imaginative themes. A new augmented reality virtual gallery is also included in this coloring game, allowing your youngster to view what their artwork might look like in the real world!

  1. Homer

In the words of HOMER’s website, the company’s “goal is to give the finest educational start possible for children by delivering individualized, entertaining, and proven learning solutions.” Reading and Stories are two of the goods this early learning program offers.

HOMER Reading considers a child’s present reading level and their interests to design a customized learn-to-read strategy. HOMER Stories curates stories that children would enjoy based on their shared interests – ranging from classic to modern.

  1. Among Us

It took this mobile manipulation game, which was initially introduced in 2018, until the ideal moment to strike in 2020 to become famous. Because everyone was forced to stay indoors, Among Us gave the ideal opportunity for people of all ages to socialize online while also adding a spice of exciting suspense.

You and your buddies take on the role of crew members aboard a spacecraft, executing various tasks. However, at least one of the players has been entrusted with assassinating the other players in secret, and the victims must be able to see through the falsehoods before it is too late. Who says that paranoia can’t have a good time with friends?

  1. Vocabulary Sleeping City or Letter and Word Magic! Your choice

This program is a K-12 supplemental literacy tool aimed at assisting students of all learning levels in learning to spell and honing their grammatical abilities. It is available online.

Additionally, it aids in the development of word memory and reading comprehension. You may check out more than 40 free online spelling games, each with a pre-populated word list to get you started. Premium membership options are also available, which provide access to all of Vocabulary Spelling City’s activities, including personalized lists, homework practice, and other features, for an additional fee.

Wallykazam!, based on the Nickelodeon children’s cartoon television series of the same name, assists toddlers in developing early reading abilities. Wally Trollman and his pet dragon Norville and the mischievous Bobgoblin, Gina Giant, and Libby Light Sprite will embark on fascinating and funny adventures with the children. They will participate in games while learning letter recognition, letter tracing, and phonics skills.

  1. Funbrain

This website indeed lives up to its name, with a plethora of instructive but entertaining activities available for children up to the eighth grade. On the other hand, children occasionally require a little mindless entertainment, which is where a simple yet addicting game like Helipopper comes in handy. Children only need to move the tiny creature for the correct color balloon to explode, and they will be rewarded with his adorable little smile!

  1. GoNoodle

GoNoodle’s mission is to provide parents and educators with compelling video content to get youngsters moving. Make screen time active with 300+ videos that contain children’s music and dancing and a variety of other activities like yoga and stretching! GoNoodle offers the perfect movie to get your kids up and moving, whether for a dance party or housecleaning.

  1. Tower of Bable

Many people appreciate the Tower of Babel, one of the most popular strategy games. It’s a game for which gamers need  Unlimited Gamez Mo website that appears to be a fan favorite, at least among those who took part in a vote. You may visit Unlimited Gamez Mo’s website for additional details.

The Nintendo Switch version of “Tower of Babel – no mercy,” a physics-based tower-building game, is an enjoyable and taxing experience. Head-to-head battles against artificial intelligence opponents may be played alone or with a friend in several settings, including couch co-op and online play.

One of the game’s modes lets you construct the tower on your own if that’s all you care about. Looking for a group of like-minded individuals to take on a project? Play a game with your pals, whether nearby or online and have a fantastic time.

No prior understanding of the subject matter is required to play “Tower of Babel–no sympathy.” Start working on the skyscraper right now. With a pendulum swinging back and forth, you can control how much of your creation moves.

To replace the one that has fallen to the ground after pressing A, another will begin to rotate into place in its stead. The details will pile up on top of one another if you time each drop correctly, boosting the total height of your tower.

The towers get more difficult as you move through the game because of your blunders or the diverse forms of the materials. Putting an entryway placed precariously on the borders of numerous stories was my first faux pas.

Thanks to its flat design and cast of endearing and endearing characters, it’s an excellent game for the whole family or a fun get-together with friends. It’s hilarious because it’s ludicrous, so it’s funny.

  1. Eat and Move – o – Matic

The Learning Games Lab created it at New Mexico State University to inspire young people to learn about and practice healthy and active lives. Children use a food list and an activity list to match what they eat with what they want to do.

 It calculates how long it will take you to burn off the calories in a certain amount of food and exercise. It will take you four minutes of high-impact active video games to burn off the 27 calories in a medium-sized banana at 7.2 calories per minute. Children can learn about their favorite foods in a fun and educational way with this book’s 35 activities and 80 recipes.

  1. Prodigy Math Game

Over 100 million kids, teachers, and parents worldwide use Prodigy Math because it is fun and fantasy-based. Every major math topic from 1st through 8th grade is covered in this program. Prodigy’s primary goal is to instill a passion for learning in every single one of the world’s students.

In the style of role-playing games like Pokemon, your kid will fight against other in-game characters in arithmetic battles. Answering sets of questions correctly is a requirement for winning. The game’s difficulty level may also be adjusted to fit your child’s learning preferences and grade level.

Final Thoughts

So these are the best learning games for your kids. If you have any other games in your mind, we would be glad to hear in the comments.

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