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Top 11 Features of Virtual Event Platform for Next Digital Events

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Virtual events have become an integral part of our daily life. Hundreds of people around the world attend virtual events every day. And why won’t they? Every live event is either cancelled or postponed for an indefinite period. And people are still advised to stay inside. So it makes sense to attend a virtual event. Many people rely on virtual events to perform crucial tasks. And especially people who are doing work from home. And it is just not about virtual meetings only. People have attended various types of virtual events in the past few months. To begin with, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual award shows, virtual fairs and many more. And they still are attending these events virtually.

Virtual events are the digital versions of live or in-person events. And the goal is to organise a live event in the online settings. For this, the virtual event relies on virtual event platforms or virtual event software. This platforms /software use 3-D and immersive interface to provide an experience close to the real world. The growing popularity of the virtual event is posing a challenge for event organizers. How to make your event unique? And how to host a successful virtual event? But there are some ways to do the same. The features of a virtual event platform are essential for any virtual event. So try to get the most popular features for your event. And if you don’t know which features you should have in your virtual event, and then let us guide you.

11 Must-have Features For Your Digital Event

  1. Gamification

Gamification is one of the most beneficial and practical features. You can use gamification to engage the audience at your virtual and hybrid events. Or use it as a filler while the audience is waiting for the event or the session to begin. Also, games can be used for relaxing in long virtual events. This will help the audience at your event to stay for a longer time and attend more online sessions. You can add popular online games to your event. Or you can make your own games tailored around your event.

  1. Networking Tables

A networking table or networking lounge is a place dedicated to networking. Here the attendees and the speakers/guests of the event can meet and communicate directly. It enables a 1:1 as well as group chat with audio & video chat functionality. And it is one of the most desired and powerful networking tools. And this tool can give your event an unmatched advantage over any other virtual event.

  1. B2B Meeting scheduler

This feature allows the attendee to schedule a meeting with an exhibitor or vice versa. This feature helps in effective networking. And the people can directly meet with the interested person at the virtual event. But what makes it more impressive is that one can schedule a meeting before the event has begun. Isn’t it amazing? Also, you can schedule a meeting during or after the event.

  1. Notification

This feature reminds people to attend the virtual event. And can get notification of the event before it has started. Similarly, an attendee can set reminders for their favourite speaker’ session or exhibitor’s booth. So that during the event, they don’t forget to attend these sessions or booths. This feature prevents attendees from missing their favourite sessions or booths. And keep them excited throughout the event.

  1. AI Matchmaking

AI Matchmaking uses Artificial Intelligence to connect people who have similar interests. This feature helps in connecting attendees with the most appropriate people in the event. Now you must be thinking about how it works? This tool gives the attendees and exhibitors a list of people who have matched with their interest areas. And they can further connect & network with each individual from that list. Along with this, attendees can also directly reach out to the exhibitor booth via that matched list.

  1. Dynamic Banners

This feature is dedicated to the promotion of the sponsors at the virtual event. Generally, it is a challenge for the virtual event organisers to promote multiple sponsors. But they can solve this problem using this feature.A dynamic banner acts as a live banner. And it lets event organisers display the multiple brands at the same time in the event. This helps in getting more sponsors for the event. Apart from this, an attendee can directly reach the brand’s booth by clicking these banners.

  1. Live chats

As the name suggests, the live chats let the attendees chat among themselves or with the exhibitors in real-time. You can make your own native chatting feature for your event. Or else you can provide support for third-party applications like WhatsApp and Zoom. Either way, it facilitates networking. And is also one of the most simplistic networking tools one can use in a virtual event.

  1. Unlimited Streaming

One of the most significant advantages of using virtual events is access to a broader audience. And for this, you can use live streaming. But make sure that you don’t have any data limit for streaming your event. Otherwise, the audience would be cut from the event in the middle of the event. And this will hamper their experience. And also will badly affect your reputation. So while selecting the platform for your event, check for unlimited streaming for the smooth functioning of the event.

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  1. Leaderboard

It displays the points scored by the people. Now you must be thinking about how it is beneficial for your virtual event? You can use the leaderboard for engaging the attendees at your event. And to create excitement in your event. Ask the attendees at your event to visit different places in your event to score points. And the one who will tour all the places, first, will score the most points and top the leaderboard.

  1. Digital Business Card

In live events, people often exchange their business cards. But what about virtual events? Also, you can underestimate the importance of business cards. So what will you do? Simple, give the attendees option to create a digital business card. For this, you can make the available format of the digital card in which attendees have to fill in their details. And they can exchange this card with anyone at the event. This will make the process of networking hassle-free.

  1. Emoticons

Emoticons are everyone’s favourite. And are widely used by people to express themselves. You can provide support for emoticons. And let people use them in chats or reply in the live sessions. This will make the speakers also happy. So use this simple solution to get unusual results.

We hope you like this article. So share with us your favourite features at virtual events.

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