Types of Guavas in India

Types of Guavas in India – You Should Know About Them

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Types of Guavas in India

Types of Guavas in India: Guava (Psidium guajava) is one of the tropical fruits which is oval and started from Central America and Mexico. It is the fourth most critical fruit after mango, banana, and citrus fruits. Afterwards, guava is reaped across Asia and transcendentally on the Indian subcontinent. There are around 30 Guava assortments in India. However, white guava and pink guava are the most generally developed guava varieties. The guava is a little five-petal, white bloom with various stamens before turning into a fruit. Guava is greenish-yellow outwardly with white or pink tissue inside, and the substance is stacked with seeds.

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India is the top producer of guava, harvesting 25M metric tons, contributing 45% to the guava production of the World. The second and third largest guava producers are Indonesia and China, contributing 7% and 5% of the output. As of 2019, India tops guava production with 5% annual growth and Thailand becomes the top exporter with 15% yearly growth, and China becomes the largest importer with 15% annual growth.

If you want to know about the guava varieties in India, then find them out here. Keep with this blog till the end. 

Different Types of Guavas In India 

There are many types of guavas available in India, which are tasty and delicious in various manners. Some of the best varieties of guavas are defined in the below section, which helps you gain your knowledge about this tasty fruit. So without any extra delay, let’s start. 

  • Allahabad Safeda Guavas 

The first guavas variety is Allahabad Safeda which is popularly known in India and has high demand as compared to others. This guava is used for both table and processing purposes. This guava variety tree grows tall and has an upstanding developing propensity. Likewise, this variety tree bears a great deal of organic products in its long shoots canvassed in thick foliage. The tree is broad and minimal, generally arch moulded. The Allahabad Safeda variety is round, fits as a fiddle and isn’t extremely huge. The tasty fruit’s skin is extremely gentle, and the flesh is white with very few seeds inside it. The skin’s smoothness and less seed offer first-rate quality.

  • Sardar Guavas 

The second one is Sardar which is tasty and has good demand in the Indian market. This variety tree is spreading, lively, and bountiful bearer, weighty fanning type with a level crown. It is huge and round-shaped and has primrose yellow skin, fragile white flesh. The seeds of this guava variety are in bounty and harder. 

  • Lalit Guavas 

The third one is Lalit guava which is tasty, and one of the liked varieties of guava in India. This guava variety is a high yielding pink fleshy guava offered by Subtropical Horticulture Institute, Lucknow, for commercial development in the country’s developing regions. This fruit has a saffron yellow colour, which is red and weighs between 175 to 210 grams. Its tissue is firm and pink with a good mix of acid and sugar. It is appropriate for both table and processing purposes. Jams produced using this classification have superior taste and attractive appearance.

  • Shweta Guavas 

The fourth one is Shweta guava, created by Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow is appropriate for business development. This assortment tree is semi incredible and has medium stature. It is a productive carrier. It is an assortment of medium-sized spherical fruits, velvety white skin with red spots and almost white flesh. Fruits are attractive and highly nutritious.

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  • Allahabad Surkha Guavas 

The fifth variety of guava is Allahabad Surkha, a remarkable variety that comes in enormous size with pink colour. It has pulpy pink flesh, and the tree of this variety is lively, compact, and dome-shaped. This tasty fruit is sweet and delicious, which attracts all guava lovers. These guavas are cultivated across the Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh region in the northern belt of India.

Benefits of Guavas 

All of us know about guava fruit’s taste, but we are not aware of guava’s medicinal facts. Even its leaves provide several medicinal properties and thus offer many health benefits. Fresh guava leaves have antioxidants, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, guava fruit is also considered a natural pain reliever. The guava leaves have various chemicals like carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids & tannins, which are very effective in treating different diseases.

Look at the below section for the amazing health benefits of guava leaves.

  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Treats diarrhea & dysentery
  • Good for diabetics
  • Aids in digestion
  • Helpful in dengue fever
  • Treats acne & black spots
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Increasing sperm production

These are all about Guava or guava varieties. So, if you want more such topics, then stay connected with us. Also, to know more about the Trakstar tractor visit Tractorguru.com. 

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