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Why is ISO 9000 family of Standards Favorite of All


Yes, there are several ISO certifications worldwide but still impact ISO 9000 family of standards has on people, no other ISO standards has. Here is an article on ISO 9000 family of standards explaining all its specialties.


What do You Mean by ISO 9000 Family of Standards?


Quality is what every people look for in almost every item they use. Therefore, there comes need of a system that looks after quality. With such an intention came forward ISO 9000 family of standards also known as Quality Management System. They are set of standards developed in order to assist the organizations for meeting all the needs of their customers as well as various stakeholders. Also, making sure they stay within the various statutory and regulatory requirements set aside concerned to those products or services. There are in total 7 quality management principles that explain ISO 9000 family of standards. ISO 90001, one of the ISO standard of ISO 9000 family of standards looks after the requirements that are must to be met by all those organizations who wish to be a part of it.


Who provide service of ISO 9000 family of standards Certification?


There are several third-party certification bodies that provide certification service. These bodies give independent confirmation that the requirements ISO 9001 has set are met by the organizations willing for it. However, ISO Certification in India consists of many standards and therefore different ISO standards’ certification may differ. There are more than 1 million organizations in total that have received certification independently. Thus, it is the most commonly implemented ISO Certification in the world at present. However, process for ISO 9000 Certification has been often subjected to high criticism. It has been termed to be wasteful and not useful for all kinds of organizations.


What are the seven quality management principles on which ISO 9000 family of standards is based?


There are in total 7 quality management principles upon which ISO 9000 family of standards are based. Those principles are listed below:

  1. Emphasis upon the customers
  2. Leadership Quality
  3. Involvement of people
  4. Approaching the procedure
  5. Improvement or Betterment
  6. Decision taking on basis of evidences
  7. Management of relationship

Explain Quality Management Principles in Detail.

  • Emphasis upon the customers

Customers are everything for the organizations. The existence of organizations directly or indirectly depends upon customers. That is why, organizations must analyse the present, future customer necessities and meet those needs accordingly.

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  • Leadership Quality

The unity for the purpose and guiding the organizations properly for specific goals can be achieved with a good leader. Such an internal Environment must be developed and maintained that the staff will always keep their focus on meeting the objectives set by the organizations.

  • Involvement of people

An organization needs people from all kinds of levels and only when they are fully involved, maximum utilization of their capabilities is possible, in favour of organizations.

  • Approaching the procedure

Management of the activities and various related resources as a process ensures possibility of obtaining the desired results more.

  • Improvement or Betterment

The organizations must always keep one common objective to better the performance of the organizations day by day and thrive to be even better.

  • Decision taking on basis of evidences

Data and information must be analyzed before any decisions are taken

  • Management of relationship

Organizations as well as their suppliers, service providers, contractors are always co-related and dependent on one another. When good relationship is established, it will benefit the abilities of both to generate significant value.

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